In Singapore, a central AC system is an essential appliance for every home. It doesn’t matter if the air conditioner is window or split. The only thing that counts is it helps in air filtration across the house. For good air quality and better appliance performance, there is a need for regular maintenance.

Partnering with experienced air conditioning repair professionals helps to enjoy the cool air trouble-free without concerns of malfunctioning or improper cooling or water leakage, especially in extreme heat situations. How often should you have the aircon system services is a troubling question for many. Ideally, call cheap aircon servicing Singapore technicians once a year.

Aircon Servicing Company offers 90 days warranty on their workmanship. They have a great experience in AC repairs and maintenance of 18 years. Never let yourself melt in the extreme summer for some days waiting for the replacement parts to arrive. Wisely contact local AC technicians before the summer starts for thorough cleaning and inspection.

What is included in the yearly aircon servicing?

Tuning the thermostat

The thermostat must work properly to ensure that the home interior is cooled correctly. The experts will adjust the thermostat if they detect any cooling inefficiencies and test to ensure its peak performance.

Secure the electric connection

The skilled technicians will inspect and tighten the electric connections. Wirings will be scrutinized to avoid potential fire hazards due to short circuits. The cables also need to be insulated properly.

Lubrication of movable parts

Some parts inside the air-conditioning unit are movable and need lubrication. Without oiling the parts will cause friction against one another and trigger severe damage. The technician uses oil to lubricate the fan and motor as well as review the fan blades. A sufficient amount of oil is used to properly maintain the AC unit.

Drainpipe cleaning

Condensate drainpipe needs frequent cleaning. The drainpipe eliminates the moisture gathered on the evaporator loop. The evaporator converts moisture into water that must be eliminated from the system. Blocked condensed pipe can cause dampness, mold growth, and leaks. The technicians inspect the pipe for leaks and cracks. If they find any cracks or leaks in the pipes, then the pros seal them to avoid future system damage.

Coils inspection

A clogged or unclean condenser coil dampens the AC performance, which causes extra strain on the appliance and an increase in utility bills. Even the possibility of appliance breakdown increases. The professionals clean the dirt and debris accumulated on the coils, which enhances the system’s performance.

Examine the parts

A thorough inspection is performed to find signs of malfunctions or wear & tear. Repairing or replacing a worn-out component as quickly as possible averts more system damage.

Check the ductwork

The HVAC system has ductwork spread across the house and is liable for distributing cold air. If ductwork is broken or leaking, then you lose the valuable cold air. Ductwork inspection ensures that the system is airtight and properly functioning.

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