Paper is, perhaps, the most wasted resource in the world. It is shocking to realize how much millions of naira people are raking from waste paper. Hey, hold on. It is not like once you gather paper, you just make millions from them. No. It is actually about how they use waste paper. One of the most profitable ventures of wasted paper is recycling for remanufacturing. Remanufacturing of new paper products, or being made into pulp for molded pulp packaging, molded pulp planters, or anything else at all. Here are some impressive paper packaging options.

Cardboard boxes: Cardboard boxes are often products of recycled paper remanufactured to form thicker layers of paper. Manufacturers make them into boxes to aid packaging. The most common use cases where you can see them are in the product packaging or moving. So, moving companies have lots and loads of cardboard boxes for their activities. You could get them, too, if you prefer to do your packing or packaging by yourself.

Paper Bags: There is nothing as charming as using a minimalist packaging vessel to send an exotic gift to someone. Paper bags are terrific to send your stuff in. If you can customize them with your brand’s name on them, your recipients are going to swoon over it. This is particularly good if you are making deliveries within short locations.

Molded Pulp Packaging Cradles: When recycled, paper goes through a process of pulp and molding. One of the products molded from the pulp is cradles. These cradles are molded pulp packaging shaped to have a flat undersurface and hollow cavity with high walls on either end. The goal is to hold unstable objects in place. Consequently, the most used cases are with paper rolls, carpet rolls, nylon/linoleum rolls, sealing tapes, and so on.

Paper sealing tapes: Did you know there are strong sealing tapes made from paper? Yes, there are. They are, albeit, used as supportive packaging. That is, shippers and packagers use them alongside other products such as paper and cardboard boxes.

Grocery bags: One of the revolutions of the green earth folks is to reduce non-biodegradable wastes. Paper grocery bags are known to be of high capacity, volume-wise and strength-wise. They can pack your perishable items, too, including veggies and foods. In fact, there are food vendors who also package their food items in presentable ways on paper.

Paper remains one of the most versatile packaging materials. You may consider it, too.