Every region in Indonesia has its uniqueness and characteristics that make it unique. People who visit the area will know it firsthand by coming there. The unique thing in question can be in the form of culinary that is rarely found, the natural scenery is hidden in beauty, and much more, and Makassar is famous for its delicious food. To be a reference, let’s look at the following typical Makassar culinary.

1. Coto Makassar

This one food is so popular that you can find it in several Indonesia and not only in Makassar. Even so, of course the distinctive taste will be felt in Makassar directly. Coto Makassar uses beef as its main ingredient is also equipped with beef offal. The gravy consists of special spices with ground-fried peanuts. One portion of Coto Makassar is served with ketupat and tauco sauce which makes it even more delicious.

2. Konro

Konro is a traditional food from Makassar which is made from beef or beef ribs. The material is boiled using special spices such as tamarind water, cinnamon, and other ingredients. Konro can also be cooked in soup with lots of spices. The brown color is obtained from kluwek, a typical Indonesian spice with a relatively strong aroma. This food has a delicious spicy taste especially when accompanied by other side dishes.

3. Pallu Basa

This traditional cuisine also comes from buffalo or cow innards. Pallu Basa with beef used to be eaten only by the royal family. At the same time, the innards are for the lower class people. Unlike now that you can buy in various places with many fillings. If Coto Makassar is paired with ketupat, then Pallu Basa is enjoyed with warm white rice. This food can be your comfort food while in Makassar.

4. Pisang Epe

Bananas are indeed a fruit created in many ways, from fried, baked to the compote. In Makassar, there is a typical food made from processed bananas, known as epe bananas. These bananas are cooked by burning half-cooked then pressing until flat. Banana Epe is then doused with brown sugar sauce with various tempting toppings. Banana Epe can be a very different dessert from Mango Sticky Rice. So you have to try it.

5. Mie Titi

Processed noodles can’t be missed, especially Makassar’s noodle, Mie Titi. Mie titi is very popular so you must try it when you are in Makassar. This noodle is similar to a stick noodle which has a dry and crunchy texture but is thicker in size. This dish is also complemented by stir-fried fish balls, chicken, shrimp and mustard greens which makes it even more delicious.

6. Cucuru Bayao

This one cake is also a popular food in Makassar because it is always present at every event. Cucuru in Makassar language means cake and Bayao means egg. The basic ingredients are eggs, milk, walnuts and sugar. If you see this cake is similar to a sponge cake that tastes sweet and savory. You can find it in various traditional markets if you are on vacation in Makassar.

7. Buras

Then for the next food is a traditional food that still exists today. This lontong-like culinary is typical of the Bugis tribe. Buras is like a mandatory meal during Eid or eaten with Coto Makassar. The washed rice is cooked with coconut milk to produce a savory taste. You can hunt for these hits at traditional markets or food stalls.

8. Sup Saudara

This culinary one is much hunted by tourists when they are in Makassar. Sup Saudara (brothers soup) is different from coto because it has vermicelli, potato cakes, and gravy added with milk. Buyers are also free to choose the filling in the soup, from tripe, beef to gravel. Brother’s soup is served with lime and chili sauce which makes it even more delicious.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.