The main reason for the popularity of the Korean outfit is its cuteness. Korean girls are already cute, and the oversized fashion compliments their cuteness amazingly. That’s exactly what attracts women from all over the world towards the Korean style.

The short, oversized dresses with short necks are not seen in the west side streets. But the style caught many women’s eyes. Now it’s your time. If you were looking for some Korean outfit ideas to look cute, then you are in the right place.

Here we have gathered 10 Korean outfit ideas that will surely make you look cute. Let’s get into it.

  1. Pleated Skirt and White Shirt

Sounds pretty simple right? Though it’s an effortless outfit, the idea is quite uncommon. It won’t come in people’s mind to pair a white shirt with a pleated skirt because most people may find it pretty similar to school uniforms.

The outfit is perfect for school or college girls; especially for young girls. But apart from going to school or college, it can also be worn on a typical summer day. The outfit creates a very adorable look.

  1. Crop Top and Shorts

This look is quite a basic summer look in Korea. Pair a crop top with a jean hot pant and finish the look with a transparent loose shirt. This Korean outfit provides absolute comfort on hot summer days. You can also pair funky shorts with striped crop t-shirts.

Most people may wear sneakers with the outfit, but you can make it different by wearing a beautiful sandal.

  1. Cargo Pants

Women borrowing fashion elements from men’s fashion is not at all a new thing. Cargo pants used to be men’s everyday clothing. Not anymore! From a child, teen to girls and women and men, it has become a universal piece of fashion.

Korean women have been seen wearing cargo pants with oversized t-shirts tuck into it or with loose crop t-shirts. Pair the look with some chunky sneakers and lit up the streets.

  1. Layered Outfit

Another common thing in Korean fashion is layered clothing. This type of clothing pours lots of femininity into your look. Wear a sleeveless shirt maxi dress over a long-sleeve white tee or a simple sundress over a plain skirt or leather jackets on baggy leather pants– everything looks very cute when your look is finished. We have collected lots of ideas of the layered outfit on our website, just for you. All you need to do is just choose the right match for you.

  1. Midi skirt and T-Shirt

Maybe you are wondering how a plain midi skirt and a basic tee is supposed to look good? The answer is, it’s simply adorable.

Wearing a t-shirt to work for date night is not something people like to do but if you choose a loose long-sleeved plain tee with a solid coloured midi skirt or a plain tight black tee tucked into a yellow colour midi skirt, don’t you think it’s going to look just awesome?

  1. Animal prints

Korean beauty is all about pink. What if you combine the pink beauty with a cat printed dress? It will look adorable. To complete the look, you can also wear cat-inspired accessories.

Besides cat prints, Koreans also have other animal print clothing and accessories combo to make you look beautifully adorable. Like, cheetah prints or zebra prints dig prints, etc.

  1. Monochromatic Outfit

Nowadays, the single colour scheme is trending on top of Korean fashion. From hair accessories to shoes, there would be nothing but the same solid colour in your whole outfit. The exciting part is, different colours represent different sides. For example, All-white will make you remember 90s fashion, All-black is something new, All-pink is something Korean women like the most, and it will make you look cute as a baby. You can also combine shimmering silver and solid grey. It may sound a little unflattering, but it will be a great party outfit. Think about it!

  1. Off-shoulder tops

This name may not be very uncommon, but it is quite popular nowadays in Korea. Korean fashion has a style of off-shoulder tops. An interesting fact about off-shoulder tops is, it makes short girls look taller, especially the long-sleeved ones. Draw attention to your shoulder and your upper body. Pair a dark colour off-shoulder top with a white mini skirt and you will find no one is looking more adorable than you.

  1. Denim shorts

This outfit is the perfect one for petite girls. Usually, petite girls have stocky legs. So, if they can wrap them in the faux pas, that will give you a beautiful look, and exposing legs can make you look taller. Apart from that, denim shorts are perfect for summer. Pair your denim shirts with white hot pants and tie two crests with hair, wear a cute headband, and create the cutest look.

  1. White and Pink 

To create a lovely innocent look, use a pink and white colour combination on your cloth layers. For example, wear a short white dress and put on an oversized pink cardigan. Don’t forget to ensure that the tone is matching with your skin. You can also try white blazers and pink dresses or pink tops and white shorts. In the end, if you want to look cute, then pink and white is the perfect combination for you.


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