Peptide, naturally found in human body, has a similarity with proteins. Like proteins, peptides are also built with chains of amino acids. The only difference is the numbers of amino acids are less in a peptide in comparison to protein. Due to the shorter chains, peptides get easily absorbed into human body. This naturally occurring substance can do wonders when applied externally. To know the full potential of synthesized peptides, these are being extensively researched. But some of the peptides as well as peptide blends have already created a niche in the world of health care and fitness. Some other peptides and blends are still under the lenses as these require more exploration. Such blends are often available online for the researchers.

Frag 176-191

The human growth hormone contains amino acids at the C-terminus at the positions 176-191. The Frag 176-191 is a synthetic peptide which represents the specific portion of human growth hormone that contains the amino acid chain. While HGH has a strong impact on the levels of insulin, the specific fragment of HGH has a fat burning property. This fragment of HGH can be more potent, specifically up to 12.5 times for fat burning than HGH. Clinical trials prove that this fragment can lead to lipolysis or the process of fat burning. This peptide mimics the way natural HGH or human growth hormone influences fat burning. The bright side is that it works without the side effects on cell proliferation, insulin level and blood sugar. 

Results of clinical trials

This peptide has been researched on animal models. The results prove the ability of the peptide to burn fat without the effects that the parent protein has. The parent protein negatively impacts by altering carbohydrate metabolism, increasing IGF-1 levels, increasing long bone growth and altering insulin sensitivity. The research result of 2013 shows that Frag 176-191 does not change IGF-1 levels, insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, and glucose levels. This peptide provides the benefits of HGH but without the possible side effects.


Frag 176-191 provides the benefits without the side effects of human growth hormone. It has strong fat burning properties but without any negative effect on insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance and level. It is more potent than HGH to burn fat. With increasing energy levels it is a suitable option for obesity treatment. 

The blend of Ipamorelin and CJC-1295

This wonder blend of two peptides triggers natural HGH production to provide miracle results. With increased HGH our body heals faster and better. The short-term response of Ipamorelin and long term response of CJC-1295 makes this blend perfect for enhanced GH release. Maintaining muscle mass and energy level is safer as well as easier with this blend. With lesser recovery time it is possible to return to normal life faster than expected.

The blend of the three peptides need more research to know he proper advantages it can provide to us. Buy Frag 176-191 – CJC-1295 – Ipamorelin Blend to do more research on it. Licensed researchers can buy this blend online for laboratory usage.