BoJack Horseman is a very different kind of animated series made for a more mature and adult audience. The TV series revolves around the bitter, alcoholic horse who was a popular and successful 90s sitcom actor. BoJack deals with his depression, alcoholism, depression, his reaction to fame, and major PTSD. The show is humorous, entertaining, and teaches us some major life lessons. If you want to learn about what it teaches us, read along and find out.

Nobody Is Immune to Heartbreak and Sadness

One of the most common things that we learn from this TV show is that everybody gets hurt in different ways. As the show progresses we learn that BoJack is not the only one who suffers from pain, troubles, and bad behavior, and others also have demons that haunt them. One of the example is of Mr. Peanutbutter. Despite looking so happy, contained, and well off, there wasn’t much that could save him from his rough moments. Peanutbutter’s character and his character development shows us how sadness strikes everyone in different ways and no one really lives a perfect life no matter how perfect it may look from a bird’s eye view. Similarly, Princess Caroline also looks well contained and put together, but she also has her own demons from the past. For example, the demons that keep haunting her from when she wanted to conceive but could not due to some medical issues. There are several other characters that are depressed and sad in their own ways, and they just have a way of concealing that sadness and putting up a happy face to make themselves look perfect to the world.

Creativity Can Have a Positive Impact On People

Although the TV show is a proper mockery of the entertainment industry, it beautifully exemplifies how art can save people. An example of this is when Diane tells BoJack that his show helped her cope with life and that half hour of her day used to be the best half hour of the day. He never knew his art could change someone’s life so beautifully, yet it did. Because of BoJack’s art, Dianne found a light in the midst of a cruel, dark and toxic home that never felt like home. Besides, BoJack Horseman itself is a TV show that might be a positive creative piece for people stuck in negative situations.

Recovery From Depression is Not a One-Day Process

One thing that sets this TV show aside from other TV shows is that it is very realistic when discussing anxiety, depression, inner demons, and past traumas. The show discusses how these things are an ongoing process and recovering from them is not a one-day task. It discusses how BoJack fears relapsing and retreating to his old habits every time he gets out of that zone. Recovery takes time and most of the times your mental state can only be maintained and not fully recovered. Even when you stumble what matters is that you keep trying and stand back up. What matters at the end of the day is that the person is making efforts and wants to change which we see a lot in all characters. In this case, BoJack shows us how hard it is to hit rock bottom, and how one can still find his way up, but it takes courage and time.

You Can Still Love and Care For the People Who Might Have Hurt You At a Point

There are several examples of this lesson but the most relevant and beautiful is of BoJack and Diane’s. Their friendship is one of a kind and has its major highs and lows. The two have a kind of a love hate relationship and even though they do not understand each other at times, they always love and care about each other. Their weaker moments make them spit words that are demeaning and hurting, and the harshness of their actions and language might make people wonder if they will ever last, but regardless of their ruthless fights, the two don’t stop caring for each other. What makes them care for each other is that both had emotionally distant and toxic families who never showed affection towards them, and also regardless of their fights, the two connect on a deeper level and always look up to each other as friends.

You Are not Under Any Obligation to Forgive Those Who Hurt You

One very important thing that we learn from BoJack is that when he goes to apologize to Herb for his bad behavior, Herb is dying and tells him that he has not forgiven him. This tells us how people are under no obligation to forgive us for the bad things we did to them. When you hurt someone, the damage you do takes time to heal, and sometimes for some people it never heals. This is why people are under no obligation to forgive anyone. When Herb refuses to forgive BoJack, BoJack realizes that he has to live with the fact that Herb never forgave him and died unhappy with him.

Closure is Just an Illusionary Concept 

BoJack is the biggest example of how closure is just an illusionary concept, as he deals with his past traumas and insecurities regarding his neglecting parents, and also the guilt from hurting Herb. When Herb died, BoJack did not get closure because Herb refused to forgive him, which made BoJack realize that he will never get closure because the people who could give him that closure are gone. This is a very deep and real concept and all people need to understand this. When you start to believe that it is how it is and that the only thing that matters is growth, you will eventually stop looking for closure and will learn to live with it. The concept is beautifully explained in this sitcom, and if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now because it discusses all about mental health in a very realistic way. For a good TV service we suggest Spectrum TV, as they have all your favorite channels in their channel lineup and Spectrum Servicio al Cliente also takes calls in Spanish where you can ask them about Spanish TV Packages as well.

Chasing Happiness is a Vicious Cycle 

When BoJack finally gets his Emmy after working as a Secretariat in a biopic, he is at the Getty museum all-happy, but then suddenly the happiness turns into another episode of melancholy. It is as if, as much as you chase happiness, when you really get it, it turns into a greater sadness asking you, ‘what next?’ so it is best to stop chasing happiness in big achievements and feeling it in the small moments instead. This is a major and underlying lesson we get from this sitcom, and is something that everyone should understand.

So, if you haven’t watched BoJack Horesman yet, you are missing out on a masterpiece. The TV show is an ultimate masterpiece and the script is genius’s work. We are sure you can judge that from the lessons that we have discussed above.