Church tech isn’t new. The concept using technology within the church is for some reason wrong, ineffective or unparalleled could be a misconception. God’s individuals have always used technology to help the nation. Most likely the confusion will be the old saying technology.

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Technology is using scientific understanding for practical purposes or applications.

What’s Church Tech?

Church tech then is using methods, processes or understanding to help the goals and mission within the church. A trio of types of utilizing technology come in the Scriptures:

Noah used technological processes, methods or understanding to produce the ark, with regards to preserving mankind.

David defeated Goliath obtaining a slingshot, which inside the day is a high-tech weapon.

Solomon used the very best technology open to him, by means of stonecutters, carpenters, silversmiths, and surveyors, to produce the temple.

So immediately you can get rid of the misperception that:

1.”The church doesn’t use Technology.”

The very best reason for technology was while using printing press to mass produce copies within the Scriptures. Johannes Gutenberg, considered the inventor within the printing press. used technology to mass produce books and rapidly spread understanding in 15th century Europe. The Gutenburg Bible is unquestionably an early on use of church tech to spread the gospel.

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  1. “Older congregants won’t embrace technology.”

This really is frequently a generally held belief based largely on assumptions. In addition to this being and never the problem, however research by Dunham and Company proven that online giving among individuals over 65 looked like individuals of individuals youthful. Senior Americans have typically been late adopters of technology. But using the Pew Research Center. Seniors are embracing technology in the surprising rate. In 2013, 59% were web users.

  1. “Technology will most likely be our problem”

Technology is excellent, it’s not foolproof. It’s all regulated controlled controlled in what it’s applied. The issue comes when church tech becomes a substitute for human interaction. People and church structures require physical connection and human interaction for survival. Church tech should encourage and enhance, whilst not replace, a persons area of the church experience.

  1. “All technology is produced equal” and 5. “It does not cost anything.”

Due to free technology, an growing amount of tools and apps can be found free or perhaps in a affordable.