Certainly, Dubai has been the most popular holiday destination among travellers over the past few decades. With the increased number of tourists visiting, Dubai sets a new record of tourism every year. Among other cities of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most tourist welcoming destinations. The rivalry between the two cities has shot up the travellers’ count and managed to offer a world-class experience to the guests.

Well, one of the most frequently asked questions by the tourists is which is the best time to visit Dubai? Well, if you are planning to visit Dubai anytime soon, then let me explain at what time in 2022 you should travel to Dubai.

  • Best time to visit Dubai as per weather

You cannot expect chilly weather conditions in Dubai. Even when other Asian countries are cold, Dubai’s climate stays comfortably cold. The temperature in the city does not usually go under 24 degrees. It reaches a certain level that the tourists begin enjoying Dubai water parks, sunbath, and swimming in the Indian Ocean. From December to April, the tourists can visit the place and enjoy the beautiful outdoors in comfortable summer linens. Most of the travellers from Asia, Europe, and Russia visit Dubai at this time of the year. So, if the weather becomes super cool in winters at your place, then Dubai is the best escape for you.

  • Best time to visit Dubai as per the price

At the end of the year, Dubai can become super expensive as the place gets crowded with travellers on account of Christmas. During this season, the prices at the major hotels can exceed even up to $1000 per night. On the other hand, these prices can even reach $250 per night during the hottest month of August.

The weather gets rainy in Dubai from December to March. It also does not reduce the traveller’s count. Therefore, the prices of the hotel’s accommodations stay the same even during the rainy season.

In August, the temperature in the two UAE cities reaches 40 degrees. It becomes hot during the nights and hotter during the daytime. The weather becomes so miserable that even the residents prefer staying inside their houses. The tourist count decreases at this time of the year. Consequently, the prices of hotels per night are also reduced. So, if you want to avoid the crowd and stay at the best hotel with reasonable prices, then the summer season is the most suitable one for you.

  • Best time to visit Dubai as per Islamic festivals 

The tourists who are planning to visit Dubai in 2022 must consider the holy month of Ramadan. The dates for Ramadan keep changing, so do check it out on the internet before planning your trip. It is recommended to avoid planning holidays during this time as eating, smoking, and drinking are banned in public places during Ramadan.

Even the restaurants close down during the daytime during this month. It could become tough for tourists to find good restaurants in Dubai during this period. On the contrary, if you want to dig deeper into the Islamic culture, then do visit this place during Ramadan.

In conclusion, it is recommended that the travellers must visit the place during the summer season as it would help them in reserving luxury hotels in Dubai for their accommodation at amazing deals. Also, there would be less crowd in public places, which is the most crucial factor in times of pandemic. Moreover, Dubai is filled with so many great attractions that no one would ever regret spending their precious in the city.