If you are a business visionary looking to begin commerce in Singapore, the EntrePass is the visa you wish. The entrepass is outlined for remote business people who wish to set up and work in commerce in Singapore. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive direction on how to apply for an EntrePass in Singapore. 

Qualification Criteria 

Before you begin the application handle, it is important to guarantee merely meet the qualification criteria for EntrePass. The taking after are the key necessities: 

  1. Be a business visionary who is looking to set up modern commerce or have as of late enrolled in a Singapore-registered company.
  2. Have a demonstrated track record in business enterprise with an effective commerce record.
  3. Your commerce must not be within the taking after businesses: coffee shops, nourishment courts, vendor centers, rub parlours, needle therapy centers, work organizations, geomancy administrations, and foot reflexology.
  4. Have a trade arrangement with imaginative thoughts and potential financial commitments to Singapore. 

Step-by-Step Direct to Applying for an EntrePass 

1. Online Application: 

Begin by submitting your application online through the Customized Business Pass (Zip) Online portal. 

2. Required Reports: 

  • Get ready the essential archives for your application, counting: 
  • Completed EntrePass application shape. 
  • A duplicate of your passport. 
  • A trade arrangement specifying your commerce objectives and procedures.
  • Proof of monetary steadiness. 
  • Instructive capabilities and significant certificates. 
  • Consolidation records of your enlisted commerce in Singapore. 

3. Application Expense: 

Pay the application expense for the EntrePass. The processing charge is SGD 105, and the visa preparation expense is SGD 225. 

4.Submit the Application: 

After completing the online application and gathering all required archives, yield your application. You can also hire a company secretary if you find any problem with this process.

5. Application Preparing Time: 

The preparation time for an EntrePass application is roughly eight weeks. You will check the status of your application online. 

6. Endorsement and Issuance of EntrePass: 

Collect your EntrePass within six months from the date of the IPA letter. 

7. Restorative Examination: 

Experience a therapeutic examination by a Singapore-registered specialist. The examination is to guarantee that you do not have any irresistible illnesses. 

8. Collection of EntrePass: 

Schedule an arrangement to collect your EntrePass. You may need to display your international ID, completed Disembarkation/Embarkation card, and pertinent archives. 

Critical Tips 

  1. Begin the application handle well in development to permit adequate time for processing.
  2. Ensure that all archives are exact and total to maintain a strategic distance from delays.
  3. Work with a proficient joining benefit supplier to help you with the application preparation.
  4. Keep track of the status of your application and take after up on the off chance that vital.


Getting an EntrePass in Singapore may be a pivotal step for remote business people looking to set up commerce in the nation. By following the step-by-step directions laid out in this post and assembling the qualification criteria, you will be able to increment your chances of a fruitful EntrePass application. 

Keep in mind, that legitimate arranging and consideration to detail are key to a smooth application preparation. Good luck with your entrepreneurial travel to Singapore!