Every person loves to celebrate their birthday. During this celebration, guests are invited, many gifts are given, and a congratulatory speech is made. As a thank you to friends, it is recommended to organize the celebration on a boat. It’s a way to bring joy to both yourself and your guests.

Celebrating a birthday on a ship implies creating an atmosphere in the open air. Many people now want to celebrate anniversaries by going outdoors. There are other people in forested areas and tourist bases, which sometimes guests are shy about. This does not allow the experience of absolute comfort when organizing a birthday on a boat. Organizing a birthday on a yacht implies spending time only with a circle of friends. Nowadays, many companies offer services such as boat rentals. There is often a DJ and a host at the parties. Professionals will take care of the decorations and buffet. Everything happens during the cruise. During it, you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Guests will definitely appreciate such a traditional celebration. One drawback is seasickness, which some passengers may have.

Many charter companies offer boat rentals in Barcelona. They provide services to guests in different numbers. Most often there can be from ten to thirty people. The cost will be approximately 250 euros per hour. The price depends on how comfortable the vessel is. Motor yachts can be more expensive, around 500 euros per hour.

This price only considers the boat rental. The host, organization of the feast, music decoration with ornaments must be paid separately. During Friday and Saturday, renting a boat is more expensive.

When a DJ is ordered, you can be sure that they will do an excellent job with the music. You just need to say which direction of music you like. In his arsenal, he has sound systems and lighting devices, with which a club atmosphere is felt. A DJ is needed if a stylish party is organized. He and the host work together. It’s easy for them to choose the right melodies. If the budget is limited, you can create the musical accompaniment yourself. However, for this you need to use the appropriate speakers.