Are you confused about which tourist spots to include in your itinerary while in Jakarta? Jakarta has many interesting museums to visit. Yes, there are at least 30 museums with various themes, from medical-themed museums to banking and finance. With so many museums available that many people may not know about, it would be a shame not to visit them. If you are still confused about which museum to visit, you can read to the following five recommended museums:

1. Museum Taman Prasasti

The Taman Inscription Museum, located on Jalan Tanah Abang, was previously an elite burial area during the Dutch colonial period. This museum collection is quite creepy (or even interesting for some people), from the tombstones to the coffin that once carried the 1st President of the Republic of Indonesia and his deputy.

At the front of the museum, you can see a pillar with a bell hanging from it. In the past, this bell used to ring when someone died who would be buried here. Several influential figures are buried here, for example ,Olivia Raffles, the wife of Thomas Raffles, known as the founder of Singapore. In addition, you can also find the tomb of Soe Hok Gie, a well-known student activist from the University of Indonesia.

2. Museum di Tengah Kebun

This museum is special. The museum, which is located in the Kemang area, South Jakarta, is a private residence that has been transformed into a museum since 2009. Don’t forget to make a reservation if you want to visit because the number of visitors cannot be arbitrary, a maximum of 10 people. The Museum in the Middle of the Garden exhibits sculptures, masks, wood fossils, and fossil shells. The owner had to travel the world for more than 40 years to collect these precious objects. He did it out of a love for history. Moreover, it turns out that there are many Indonesian historical items scattered abroad.

3. Museum Kebangkitan Nasional

The museum, located close to the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital, has a distinctive building with an entrance similar to a royal fort. The museum, which is open from 08:00 to 16:00, will give you goosebumps and excitement when you see the various collections.

The National Awakening Museum has several rooms with each collection object. One of the collectible objects that makes the most shudder is a medical device that functions to split the human head. The tool, which is placed in a glass cabinet, is made of elongated iron with a wheel-like spinner at the end. When compared with today, this medical device is very conventional. You can also see rows of scalpels with shapes that are hard to find nowadays. Unique and interesting place, isn’t it?

4. Museum Bank Indonesia

This museum is very famous among tourists who travel to Jakarta. In addition to its location adjacent to several other museums, this museum is also close to the old city. Actually, there is nothing special if you visit during weekdays and hours. What’s special is if you can join the visit schedule at night.

The Bank Indonesia Museum, which has an ancient Dutch architect, will be more challenging if you visit it at night. Especially, if you browse the safe area where the money is stored. The atmosphere of night and day will be very different. For more information about the schedule for tonight’s visit, you can ask the museum so that you can get ready to spend a lot of time in advance.

5. Museum Hakka Indonesia

The Hakka Museum is a museum that contains various information about the Chinese in Indonesia. The word “hakka” comes from a tribe in China who traveled to the archipelago hundreds of years ago, namely the Han tribe, known for their skills in concocting traditional medicines. “Hakka” can mean guest or visitor.

Located in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, this museum consists of three floors. It is divided into three sub-museums: the Indonesian Hakka Museum, the Indonesian Chinese Museum, and the Indonesian Hakka Yodding Museum. Inside, you can see typical Han household furniture in the past, such as bedding, jars, and bottles of various sizes used to make medicines and a series of photos of the Han tribe from time to time.

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