There are sufferings and inequality worldwide, regardless of whether it’s a rich, middle-class, or developing country. The marginalised can’t access education, suffer from social injustice, and struggle in their day to day life. You can say that urban poverty robs people of their opportunity to succeed and grow in life. 

And, if you want to bring positive change, here’s how you can advocate for the oppressed. 

1) Learn to Unlearn Biases and Wrong Teachings 

As you grow up, you may learn that particular skin colour can indicate their life status from your environment. Change this mindset and believe that everyone deserves to have a comfortable life. Only this way can you completely eradicate social inequality in Singapore. 

2) Educate Yourself and Read Current News 

To better advocate for the poor, educate yourself on the current events. Learn about what’s happening in your community because doing this will open your eyes to the sufferings of people living in urban poverty.

3) Use Social Media 

Luckily, we live in a world where almost everyone uses social media. Nowadays, information travels faster because of shares, likes, and other online features. Take this as an opportunity to spread your advocacy about changing social inequality in Singapore for the better. 

4) Join Volunteer Organisations 

Take your advocacy into action by participating in volunteer opportunities in Singapore. Look for non-governmental organisations where you can sign-up for charity work or rehabilitation programs in poor communities. 

5) Donate 

In Singapore, the poverty line affects those who live in poverty. You can donate financial support, belongings, or educational books to bring positive change. After all, transforming your advocacy into action can inspire others to do the same. 

Start bringing positive change into your community by participating in the Best of You and their volunteer opportunities in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about their advocacies.