1. Vacuum Regularly: Regularly vacuuming your handmade carpet is essential for keeping them looking their best. Vacuuming removes dust, dirt, and small particles that can get trapped in the fibers of the rug and cause it to wear down over time.
  2. Use Carpet Padding: Using carpet padding underneath your handmade carpet will help protect them from wear and tear. It also adds a layer of cushioning that helps make the rug more comfortable to walk on.
  3. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause your handmade carpets to fade over time. It’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight and in areas that are well-ventilated.
  4. Rotate the Rug: Rotating your handmade carpets every few months will help to prevent uneven wear. This will also help keep the colors of the rug looking vibrant and fresh.
  5. Clean Spills Immediately: If a spill happens, be sure to clean it up immediately. Make sure to blot the spill rather than rub it, as this can cause the colors to bleed.
  6. Professional Cleaning: Professional cleaning is recommended every few years to keep your handmade carpets looking their best.

Different Kinds of Handmade Carpets for Various Interior Design Styles

  1. Persian Carpet: These traditional carpets feature intricate, symmetrical patterns that are often bold and colorful. They are perfect for adding a touch of exotic luxury to a room.
  2. Indian Dhurrie: These handwoven carpets are made from colorful cotton, wool, or silk and feature geometric and floral motifs.
  3. Kilim: These carpets feature bold geometric patterns, usually made from wool and cotton. They are great for adding a modern twist to any interior.
  4. Tribal Carpet: These carpets are handmade and feature distinctive tribal patterns and colors. They are perfect for adding a rustic touch to any room.
  5. Shag Carpet: This type of carpet is made from soft and long fibers and is great for adding texture to a room.
  6. Overdyed Carpet: These carpets are made from vintage rugs that have been overdyed with modern colors. They are perfect for adding a unique and vintage touch to any room.

How to Select a Handmade Carpet for Your Own Home

  1. Consider the size of your room. Handmade carpets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so it’s important to measure the space where the carpet will be placed. Make sure to measure the length and width of the room, and consider if you need a rectangular, oval, or round rug.
  2. Decide on a style. Handmade carpets come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern. Think about the style of your home and what type of carpet will best fit in with your décor.
  3. Look at materials. Handmade carpets are commonly made from wool, silk, and cotton. Consider which material is best for your lifestyle and how much wear and tear it will get.
  4. Consider color. Handmade carpets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so it’s important to pick a color scheme that will match the rest of your home décor.