Unfortunately, infertility is not always an accurate diagnosis with good reason. It is generally accepted that an infertile woman is a woman who has serious health problems. The same applies to men, but in practice many young couples cannot have children without serious health problems. So what should those people who have undergone a long examination, but have not discovered any serious health problems, do?

It is important to realise that one serious factor for the causes of infertility is psychological. Even if tests show that you are both perfectly healthy, this does not mean that there are no serious obstacles to conception. The psychological factor plays a huge role that many people underestimate. If the doctor’s advice to stick to a healthy diet, sleep and rest schedule does not help, the psychological factor may be the cause of infertility.

Psychological infertility is not a fiction; reproductive scientists have long perceived it as a very serious cause for concern. Quite a few couples, including very young couples, identify psychological problems that prevent them from becoming parents. Psychological infertility does not mean that you cannot have children because you are terminally ill. It just means that your psyche is actively resisting the idea of having children for some reason. And that is a very good reason to look into yourself, perhaps to see a specialist for psychological problems.

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What could be the cause of psychological infertility and how to deal with it?


Stress is always a burden on the body, but if it becomes a chronic condition, it can become a really serious problem. For example, if you have a demanding job, or if your job requires you to deal with people all the time, this in itself is a serious factor for chronic stress. The cause of stress can also be a deep emotional experience that you are not even aware of to some extent.

The solution to such problems depends directly on their cause. For example, if you are stressed about your work, it may be enough to take a break from it and gain strength and your infertility problem will go away on its own. If the cause of chronic stress is serious emotional distress, you will need specialist help to deal with it.

It seems strange to many people that the nervous system and the reproductive system can be linked. However, it’s really no surprise: the body perceives stress as a serious threat, which means it is under constant stress. Our distant ancestors depended directly on it, which is why our bodies developed stress as a way of reacting to danger. In such a situation, blood levels of adrenaline are seriously elevated and the body’s strength is rushed to defeat the very cause of stress. The reproductive system suffers first and foremost, which can eventually lead to psychological infertility.