A server room is an area in the office where all computers and other equipment related to networking devices are stored together. Keeping them together helps to work efficiently and effectively. In addition, the server room is essential as the data related to customers is stored here.

Cleaning of the server room is vital as other areas of the office. Businesses that don’t clean their server room can face many issues like lengthy downtime and machine delays. Frequently cleaning the server room will remove dust, debris and reduce downtime of the tools.

Cleaning will also increase the machines’ performance and efficiency of the devices stored in the server room. Industrial cleaning supplies will help you to clean your server rooms. Apart from that, Below are the tips that can help you to keep your server room safe and clean-

Here are the tips to keep the server room clean and safe:

1. Temperature. 

It is mandatory to maintain the server room’s temperature to retain the quality and performance of the equipment and devices of the server room. Experts have suggested that everyone keep the server room temperature between 64.4 to 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You should take the necessary steps when the air ambient temperature of the server room is regularly stuck at 80° F or more. You must maintain the temperature below 70° F. To maintain quality and performance, the humidity level should also be under 50-60%.

2. Cord and wire can create problems. 

Computers and other networking devices are integrated with cables and cords. Intertwine, tangle, and missing wire of many types of equipment is not new in the server rooms. Every business faces this problem daily, and some companies are tense due to cord and wire management.

However, cord and wire management is not as complex as you think. You can use different colors of wires in your server room to deal with it.

You can also label the wire with the device’s name to differentiate it from others. But, again, keeping short cables in your server room is the best way to deal with this problem.

3. Use the right equipment.

The faulty equipment in the server room can be a problem. You should use a rack-mounted equipment design to house server hardware. You can also have shelves and drawers specially designed to rack servers’ hardware. These shelves and drawers will help you save space in the server room.

It would help if you also used the right equipment for cleaning your server room. You should use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, damp mop, industrial cleaning supplies, and cleaning chemicals to clean the server room. The equipment mentioned above will reduce the risk of mistakes in the cleaning process.

4. Regularly cleaning is necessary. 

You have to clean all the equipment and machines regularly as dust and dirt entered by the worker’s shoes in the room will enter the server automatically. It would help if you cleaned and rubbed all equipment and the floor of the server room, as dust and dirt can cause harm to the operating system.


You might want to leave your server room dirty. But you must remember one thing: if you do not take care of your server room, you have to face severe problems like damaged equipment, data loss, etc. So, it is up to you, but you can keep your server room tidy, clean, and safe by following the simple tips mentioned above.