Every website needs to be hosted on a webserver to be available online. There are different types of hosting servers available like Shared Hosting Servers, VPS Servers, Cloud Hosting Servers, Dedicated Servers, etc. 

A Dedicated Hosting Server is one of the most powerful hosting platforms since your site is the sole resident of a webserver with complete access and control over the hosting resources. Hence, you have maximum control over the hosting environment. You can choose between a Windows and Linux Dedicated Server based on the needs of your site. 

However, before you buy a Dedicated Hosting plan, make sure that you check all aspects carefully. In this article, we will share a six-step guide to buying a Dedicated Server.

Step 1: Cost-Effectiveness

Dedicated Hosting plans are costlier than other plans since you have control over an entire webserver. There are many providers offering different types of Dedicated Hosting plans at different prices. While some providers might offer fairly cheap plans, others might charge exorbitantly for similar services. 

Hence, before you buy a plan, it is important to research the market and look at the combination of price and features that can work best for your site.

Step 2: Server Performance

Even if you have an entire server dedicated to your site, it can be for nothing if the server does not perform as per specifications. A lot depends on the quality of hardware used and the server’s configuration. 

Talk to the provider and read some reviews to assess the performance of the server that you can expect.

Step 3: Security

In recent years, with an increase in the number of cyber-attacks, site owners have grown increasingly particular about server and site security. When you are buying a Dedicated Server Hosting plan, you don’t have to worry about other users sharing your server and causing security issues. 

However, the server needs to be configured by keeping security in mind. Make sure that you assess the security measures taken by the provider before buying the plan.

Step 4: Maximum Uptime

Nobody likes a website that is frequently down. Online users tend to abandon such sites and turn to competition. Search engines also dock SEO points of sites that face regular downtimes. 

Hence, it is important to ensure that the hosting provider offers 99.9% uptime assurance.

Step 5: Customer Support

Since web hosting is a technical process, there can be times when a technical glitch or snag can result in performance issues or even downtime. These are the times when you need the availability of a customer support team offered by the host. 

Make sure that the provider offers 24×7 customer support and different channels of getting in touch.

Step 6: Read Reviews

One of the best ways to assess the performance of a hosting provider is to read reviews by existing clients. If possible, try to talk to an existing customer of the hosting company to understand the pros and cons of the service offered.

Summing Up

Remember, a Dedicated Server Hosting plan offers a lot of power and control over the hosting environment. However, it is important to ensure that you keep the abovementioned points in mind before buying a Dedicated Hosting plan. Good Luck!