The time of year is an essential factor for a roof renovation or replacement roof. In addition to changing weather conditions, the roofer’s availability also changes and, as a result, often also the costs. For example, you may have to reckon with higher costs for a roof renovation in spring and autumn than in summer or winter. So when is it advisable to hire a roofer or  emergency services and replace the roof?

Roof Renovation In Spring

In principle, spring is the best time for a roof renovation or a complete roof renewal. The mild temperatures make the work more comfortable, and you have to reckon with fewer delays due to bad weather conditions.

We also recommend the well-known “spring cleaning” for the roof. Because especially after the often stormy autumn and winter months, homeowners should have a check-up done by a roofer or carpenter. Since the damage caused in winter or the projects for which it was too cold in winter are also dealt with in spring, the roofers are busy at this time.

Roof Renovation In Summer

Early summer is a smart time to renew your roof. The temperatures are still pleasant, and apart from a few summer thunderstorms, a lot of precipitation does not have to be expected, which would hinder the roof’s work. Since many homeowners are on vacation, roofers’ order situation is much more relaxed than in spring. This can also be seen in the prices. However, you should note that if the thermometer rises in midsummer, the exertion for the workers also increases. There may be delays. Some roofing companies are also on vacation during this time.

Roof Renovation In Autumn

The somewhat cooler temperatures in autumn are perfect for a roof renovation or a roof renewal. However, thunderstorms, storms, and frost can thwart your plans and make work on the roof difficult or delayed. Since many homeowners want their roofs to be wind and weatherproof, roofers’ order situation is much tenser in autumn than in summer. Due to the high demand, expect more difficult scheduling and plan early.

Roof Renovation In Winter

With its cold spells, the winter does not offer optimal conditions for a roof renovation or a roof replacement. In the rain, storm, or even snow, the project can take a long time. Because the cold, wet weather not only makes working on the roof dangerous and uncomfortable, it can also damage the necessary materials. Nevertheless, roof renovations are also offered in Germany in winter. In mild weather, there can be an excellent opportunity to use the roofers or carpenters, who are not quite as busy at this time of the year.