Students are receptive towards their environment. They can easily get distracted by minor noise in the classroom while the teachers are speaking. Plus, kids are vulnerable to accidents as they are naturally naughty when playing with other students. So, schools are responsible for preschool environments and playground equipment in Singapore safety.

Ensuring a safe environment requires discussion among school authorities. So, if you want to give ideas, here are some classroom safety tips for a productive and happy class.

5 Safety Tips for Classroom and Playground Equipment

School authorities should prioritise children’s safety inside the classroom and playground. In doing so, they can prevent accidents that may cause the health of a student. When that happens, it can affect the school’s reputation and lead to legal battles. So, to prevent this, remember these five safety tips for classroom and playground equipment.

1. Ensure the Furniture or Equipment Comes from a Reliable Manufacturer

Of course, you must ensure that the furniture or equipment is from a reliable manufacturer. Otherwise, it would be common to see malfunctioning playground equipment that can cause accidents. You can also apply it to preschool chairs, as they should be sturdy when the students are sitting.

To find reliable manufacturers, read some reviews and get recommendations from other school institutions.

2. Ensure There are no Sharp Edges

Also, don’t forget to check for sharp edges that can wound the kids. Ask for help from a professional interior designer or construction professional to check the overall safety of the place.

You must remove all the sharp edges from the preschool furniture in Singapore so everyone can stay safe. In doing so, you can assure the parents that there would be no harm.

3. Disinfect the Furniture and Equipment

As the world still battles the pandemic, the school should disinfect the STEM kits, preschool chairs and playground equipment, especially if you have face-to-face classes. This way, you can prevent the virus from spreading and protect the students from getting sick. You can also install air purifiers for cleaner air.

4. Stabilise Large Furniture

When installing large furniture like cabinets and cubby holes, you must stabilise furniture so it won’t fall. The same goes for playground equipment to prevent the student from falling off the ground. As you stabilise the item, you can ensure that the students will have a safer place to study and play around.

5. Provide Clear Instructions

Finally, the best way to protect the kids is to provide clear instructions when using STEM kits, preschool furniture, and playground equipment. Always remind them about the importance of safety to prevent such accidents.

You can also put instructions like Stay Away from Sharp Edges or Be Careful When Using the Slide. This way, the children will remind themselves to be responsible.

Keep your classroom safe by following the safety tips above. And if you’re ready, you can visit Edupod to get your STEM kits, preschool furniture and playground equipment in Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about how you can improve your classroom.