Most hosting services have a control panel for their customers. The control panel, as its dashboard, is the user interface for managing its hosting, account, and server functions, all in one location. This facilitates the administration of domain names, email addresses, backups and more. cPanel is one of the most common control panel options because it makes running the website easy. It supplies many tools and is extremely reliable, particularly for its peace of mind.

With an enormous number of Web servers, it becomes a difficult choice for users to choose the cheap cPanel hosting. CPanel is the most effective control panel and hosting service offered by most web hosts. It is super easy to run, allowing a beginner to easily handle web hosting. The hosting services are considered an integral feature. Since this allows the business to have low pricing schemes, a server is shared by different users.

Here are some features of cPanel that everyone should know

Email management:

cPanel enables a user to build their e-mail accounts, manage room, passwords, transmitters, aliases, filters, automatic response. The Webmail function allows user to access their e-mail through a browser, while these filters enable users to control unwanted messages.

File Management:

Users can do things such as editing, deleting and moving files with the File Manager. Manage FTP accounts, sessions and privileges, keep the data safe through regular backup configuration, and download.

Logs and Reports:

People can continually monitor their websites through powerful monitoring tools, Awstats, Last Visitors, Error Logs and more.

Automatic scripting installation:

Web hosting plans now provide strong scripts all loaded by a button press. Anything user needs to power the website, including shopping carts, forums blogs, customer relationship tools, FAQ systems, etc.

Support and Preferences:

Video tutorials will help the user begin. CPanel helps them to update contact information, to change their passwords or even to set their language or style.


Protect their directories, block the IP Deny Managers to the unwanted users, and protect their files and bandwidth with several other features.