The Rolex GMT Master was originally designed to simultaneously display two different time zones. Released IN 1955, the Rolex GMT Master was initially made as a navigation instrument. This navigation instrument was highly useful for the professionals who used to criss-cross the globe. The watch combines peerless functionality and strength. It is widely accepted and acknowledged for its instantly noticeable aesthetics which could attract a broader base of world travellers.

What To Know About The Timepiece’s Design?

  • High Technology Ceramic

The emblematic dual-colour bezel makes the watch instantly recognizable. The 24-hour graduated Cerachrom fits the bidirectional rotatable bezel. Hard ceramic is used to manufacture the Cerachrom. The dual-colour bezel is made in one piece and is virtually scratch-resistant. Plus, it offers amazing anti-corrosion properties besides preserving the vibrant colour for a long time.

  • More About The Cerachrom

The dual-tone Cerachrom insert has two divisions; one is reserved for daytime hours while the other one is for the nighttime. The Rolex GMT Master watchmakers manufactured an amazing technique to make the Cerachrom insert in red and blue. These two are the original colours of Rolex GMT Master. It is the delicacy and precision which makes the demarcation between the two colours both sharp and clear.

  • What About The Watch’s Numerals And Graduations?

Both the numerals and graduations are ceramic moulded. They are then further coated with gold or platinum comprising of a one-micron thick layer. The coating is done through a process known as Physical Vapour Deposition. The final polishing eliminates the metal from the whole bezel’s surface to obtain a lustrous and smooth finish.

  • The Latest Versions Of GMT Master 2

The Rolex GMT Master introduced two of its latest watch versions; the 18 ct Everose gold and the Everose Rolesor. Both the latest versions came in 2018 and were highly equipped with a Cerachrom bezel insert in brown and black ceramic. You will find the Rolex GMT Master 2 inscribed in both the watch versions in powdered rose.

  • Displays Two Time Zones At A Time

When you are travelling abroad, you can read two different time zones simultaneously. GMT Master displays both the local times and the reference time. It is possible to see two different times at once because of the watch’s conventional hour, minute and seconds hands. It also comes equipped with a 24-hour triangle-tipped hand followed by a rotatable bidirectional bezel coupled with a graduated 24-hour Cerachrom insert.

The Rolex GMT Master comes with a calibre 3285. This movement lets the travellers adjust their local times easily through the winding crown, that too without having to stop the watch or even affect the hour hand. The new-generation watch movement offers fundamental benefits both regarding reliability, convenience and precision.