Oh sure, pals said when we informed them, we’d be taking a trip between Mexico’s colonial communities in superior buses.

We had our uncertainties regarding what a “superior” Mexico bus would be like.

No insult planned, but busing it on Greyhound here in Canada isn’t specifically an elegant experience. Ends up we need not have actually worried.

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The first-class bus in Mexico really is, well, first-rate!

Classes of Mexico bus

There are three classes of bus service in Mexico:

  • ADO Platino:

These Mexico buses usually service longer, 3+ hour trips, busier courses in between cities, as an instance, from Mexico City to another location. Expect a couple of, if any kind of, halts.

The high-end executive class buses, commonly Mercedes or Volvo, have just 24 seats. They’re cool and come with a safety belt, reclining seats with large leg space, onboard bathrooms, specific movie displays, treats, as well as WiFi. Seats can be booked ahead.

  • ADO GL:

These are extremely similar to the executive class, with air-conditioning, television screens, comfortable seats, as well as toilets.

  • ADO:

You may obtain a seat, you might not. There might be a bathroom, or probably not. The bus might be air-conditioned, then again, it may not be. It might likewise make regular stops.

There is also ADO AU buses, AU, but we have never taken a trip on these buses as well as truthfully do not mean to as we’ve heard AU isn’t particularly comfortable, so we cannot talk from experience.

Our experience with first-class Mexico buses

We purchased the best possible tickets on one of the significant Mexico bus lines, ADO Platino buses.

We didn’t understand the difference between “delux” as well as “first-class” at the time of reservation; we just knew we wanted the top class, which we thought was first-rate.

We took ADO GL buses from Guanajuato to Guadalajara, and after that again from Guadalajara to Mexico City.