When I started working from home, I used a spare folding table and a dining chair and placed them in the empty corner of my living room. I did not purchase a fancy office table from a Singapore furniture store since I assumed my remote working setup would only last a few weeks. I also thought getting a new table and chair was a waste of money since I believed I would be returning to my office eventually.

But more than two years after the working-from-home era began, I realised that I enjoy fulfilling my tasks at home. I also thought that I needed a new office workstation if I wanted to continue remotely reporting for work.


What Is A Standing Desk?

While looking for work desk options in Singapore stores, I stumbled upon standing or height-adjustable tables. These workstations have been around for years—but they only became popular during the coronavirus pandemic when most individuals reported for duty from the comfort of their homes.

Like all tables, a standing desk in Singapore is a work surface suitable for almost every activity that requires writing, reading, drawing, or using a laptop or desktop computer. The only difference it has with a standard table is its height-adjustable features, allowing users to customise their desk’s elevation.

According to numerous experts, an adjustable table in Singapore can keep users from experiencing back, neck, shoulder, and leg problems often associated with sitting for long periods. This desk can also improve posture, prevent weight gain, lower the risk of heart-related conditions, and improve mood. Some healthcare professionals even claim that a standing desk can improve productivity and efficiency.


Experiencing The Perks Of Using A Standing Desk

After learning about the benefits of using an adjustable table, I finally convinced myself to invest in one and see if it could enhance my remote working experience. I was also intrigued by its many claims, wondering if I could witness those perks myself.

Since I wanted to ensure that I was purchasing a standing desk worth my money, I chose to shop at Okamura International—a Japanese furniture store in Singapore that manufactures high-quality, ergonomic, and durable work furnishings. Surprisingly, shopping on their website was quick and easy. My order’s delivery took about eight weeks, but I can confidently say that my wait for my new standing desk was worth it.

Unlike other office workstation options in Singapore, my adjustable table was phenomenal. I was worried that the desk would be confusing to use, but I was wrong since I could control its height with an intuitive control panel. I was also pleasantly surprised that my body no longer felt stiff and sore weeks after using my standing desk. Moreover, I felt more motivated to fulfil my tasks after using this brilliant workstation. I still have to use my table for a few months or years to see if it can prevent weight gain and keep me safe from heart issues, but I am pleased with the benefits I reaped from my adjustable desk.

If you are considering investing in a standing desk in Singapore, I highly recommend Okamura International and its vast selection of ergonomic and cost-effective home office furniture. You can visit their website to learn more about their products.