Finding the right meat is every bit as hard as cooking the meat. You could be the best cook in the world, yet, at times, the dishes just don’t taste or have the texture that they should after they’re cooked. And if you’re a genuine meat lover, you’ll know the difference. The difference in taste and texture is mostly because of the quality of meat that you’re eating. When the meat is fresh and 100% organic, the taste turns out to be perfect. Easier said than done, though! It’s very difficult to find such high-quality meat. So, in this guide, we will be taking you through some of the benefits of buying meat from sellers that source meat from organic farms. Have a look! 

The Meat is Organic 

This is the first thing that you should worry about before anything else. Organic meat is healthy because it comes from animals that weren’t brought up on artificial growth hormones. It means what you’re eating is 100% natural. 

The Meat is Certified 

Firms like Papa Earth source their meat from certified farms only. The Papa Earth Bison meat, for instance, is AAA beef that comes from Angus Bison. Only 1 in 4-5 Angus cattle qualify as AAA. It’s certified by Organic Pro-Cert and the food authority of Canada. The benefits of buying such meat are as follows. 

  1. The cattle were raised on grass that was free of insecticides.
  2. The animals were grown freely. It means that they were free to roam on the farm and were not subjected to cruelty. In fact, the farms that sellers like Papa Earth source meat from are certified by the Animal Welfare Association. 

Ergo, professional butchers cut the meat so that every single piece offers the taste it promises. 

The Packaging is Safe

They don’t use harmful packaging to supply their meat products. They use BPA packets that are vacuum-sealed to pack the meat safely. These packets take no more than half an hour to defrost. 

If you’ve ordered soft meat that can’t be vacuum-sealed, the firm ensures that the meat is packed in butcher paper. It is then kept in an insulated box with lots of dry ice to keep the meat fresh. 

You Get a Doorstep Delivery 

The products are mostly shipped within 3 days of placing the order. No matter where you are in Canada, the products are delivered to your home. You can also choose the frequency if you want to place orders again and again. Or you can simply unsubscribe if it’s a one-time purchase. 

On a parting note, bear in mind that the purpose of organic animal raising is the welfare of the animal and supplying customers with the highest quality of meat. So, pick who you buy from very carefully.