Ever since the advent of cameras and video, film companies in Singapore and around the world had a hand in shaping the way businesses communicate and interact with their clients. Films are a powerful medium that can capture the imaginations of many. It’s used as a way to entertain, inform, persuade, and so much more. You might have wondered how many ways there are to create corporate videography in Singapore. With so many tools at filmmakers’ disposal, it’s easy to utilise video and film for your business. Here are 4 common ways companies use videos.

1) Animation

Cartoons, graphics, and other animations can present information in an easy to understand, easy to digest format. It has been around for almost as long as film has. An animation company in Singapore produces artwork in the form of films– you are only limited by your imagination. You should utilise animation if you want to

2) Social media and internet videos

With the advent of digital technology and the internet, videos are now much more accessible. Social media is the place of choice where most people choose to post content. Many businesses are becoming creative with their videos, creating an interactive platform to engage viewers.

3) Drone videos

Drone videography in Singapore is a growing phenomenon. Drones capture some of the most stunning footage from angles that no ordinary human can take. You should use this medium to help you capture imaginative and beautiful shots.

4) Live streaming

In the past decade or so, live streaming has revolutionised the way we hold events. It has also changed the way we view videos and consume content. Great camerawork, plus an eye for organisation and preparation, is key to creating live content that is worth consuming again. Zeetrope is a renowned company providing the best in corporate video production in Singapore. Reach out to them via their website to get started on your next video project to capture your market’s interest!