Minimalistic style has been a famous home interior design in Singapore these past few years. Thanks to Marie Kondo, who is one of the most instrumental in skyrocketing minimalist popularity among people.

Minimalist home and condo interior design in Singapore is defined as a simple and clean open-floor interior design that leans toward a monochromatic palette. It also avoids excessive ornamentation and decoration.

Here are the elements of a minimalist home interior design:

1. Clutter reduction

As mentioned in the intro, minimalism is all about reducing clutter. Waste elimination is the first step towards clutter reduction, and you can do it by strictly buying the essentials alone.

Assess all your belongings and decide which ones serve your purpose regularly and which ones are unnecessary to you. Then you can begin to eliminate stuff you do not need.

2. Geometric forms

What makes minimalist interior design different is its affinity to geometric forms. This design clings to simple yet clean lines and geometric shapes with flat surfaces.

Instead of decorated and patterned surfaces, minimalists prefer smooth and flat surfaces. You can consult your interior design company in Singapore for furniture suggestions.

3. Monochromatic colour

Other interior designs capitalise on loud and vibrant colours, but in minimalist, white is the star colour. It tends to stick to neutral monochromatic colours, such as white, grey, beige, nude, black, and tan, while other colours are muted.

The combination of these colours may appear plain and dull, but with the help of a condo interior designer, these colours will emulate simplicity and clarity yet stylish.

4. Patterns

Although minimalistic design leans towards a smooth and flat surface, it does not mean that it should not have patterns. The lines and geometric patterns or furniture accentuate texture in minimalist home interior design in Singapore.

5. Open floor plan

Not all, but most minimalist interior designs are open-plan. Minimalism is all about the space, and interior walls dividing the spaces in the house beat the purpose. For people living in an HDB flat in Singapore, its features make it the perfect interior design choice for a 3-room HDB flat.

Besides the open floor plan, efficient lighting and wide open windows are the hallmarks of a minimalist interior design. You can alter your home layout and switch to an open floor plan during your home renovation in Singapore.

Successfully implementing these elements makes you one step closer to your minimalist interior design.

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