Unforeseen accidents can risk people’s lives regardless of the place, whether in school, home, or workplace. So, if you want to make people safer, create a fire escape plan with fire engineering. Fire engineers know how to assess a place and provide the appropriate solutions. They apply scientific and engineering principles to prevent fire breakouts.

As a homeowner, school headmaster, and building administrator, it’s better to learn how to prepare your place for fire accidents. This way, you can ensure that everyone will be safe and no one will get hurt.

1. Install Smoke Alarms

The first thing you can do is install smoke alarms or detectors around the place. Ensure to have the appropriate smoke alarms, as they should cover the entire vicinity. You can also work as a fire engineer to know where you can put the smoke alarms to improve efficiency. In doing so, you can get notified to prepare for your evacuation.

2. Have a Seminar for Employees/Students/Family Members

Another way to inform people is to have a seminar with the experts. You can include topics like the importance of fire safety engineering. In doing so, people will know in an emergency and stay calm. It can increase the survival rate and make everyone safe.

3. Save Emergency Contact List

Saving an emergency contact list can also help you during emergencies. You will know who to call, including the medical authorities, police, and fire experts. Fast action can indeed save people’s lives and prevent more casualties. So, advise people to have an emergency contact list on their phones for easy contact.

4. Have a Fire Escape Practice

At least once or twice a year, practise your fire escape plan so people can familiarise themselves with what they should do during these times. It could prevent panic and keep everyone under control. After this, you can check if the performance based fire engineering is a success.

5. Stop, Drop, Roll

It is a safe fire technique that even children can do easily. If, for instance, your clothes get caught by fire, the stop, drop, and roll can put the fire out. It can help you survive such situations and keep calm during these events. On top of this, you can ask for help from a fire engineer for 100% protection.

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