When it comes to safety, you can’t trust anyone. Even the best prepared riders make mistakes, and that’s why you should always invest in the best motorcycle helmet money can buy. The right helmet will make you feel confident while riding and keep you safe at the same time. This means upgrading your helmet by purchasing a new one. There are many things you can do to upgrade your motorcycle helmets for motorbike riders.

Match Your Helmet to Your Riding Style

Your helmet should match your riding style. This means that you should only use a helmet that’s designed for riding a motorcycle. You can’t wear a helmet designed to protect you while riding a bicycle. When you shop for a new helmet, make sure you look at the sizing chart to find the right size for your head. You should also match your helmet to the type of motorcycle you ride.

Remove Rot and Germination

Helmet rot and helmet shivers are caused by moisture inside the helmet. Excess moisture gets into your helmet and causes it to grow mold and mildew. The best way to prevent this from happening is by removing excess moisture from your helmet. To do so, use a cloth to remove any dust and debris from your helmet’s interior. This includes removing any packed-up hair and other debris that could be preventing proper airflow. Another way to prevent helmet mold and mildew is by storing your helmet properly. When storing your helmet, make sure it’s in a dry space, away from direct sunlight, and other sources of moisture.

Adjust Fogging and Airflow

Moisture inside your helmet is the second major cause of helmet rot. The problem is that it can also cause other issues such as fogging and reduced airflow. To fix these issues, you need to adjust the airflow and fogging levels on your helmet. This is done by removing your helmet and removing the two foam plugs from the side. Then, you need to unscrew the screws on the top and bottom of your helmet. This will allow you to open the helmet up. Once open, you need to wipe the inside of your helmet with a cloth to remove moisture. Once dry, you can re-use the plugs to close your helmet up and prevent air from escaping.

Install LED Lights

LED lights enhance your visibility while riding at night and they also provide some extra protection while doing so. A good place to install LED lights on your helmet is on the visor. You can do this by drilling a small hole in your helmet and then placing the LED lights through the hole. Another option is to mount the lights directly on your helmet. This is usually achieved by using a helmet mount.

There are many ways to upgrade your helmet. When looking for motorcycle helmets for motorbike riders, go with one that’s rated for safety, fit snugly, offers proper ventilation, has the right amount of padding inside, is resistant to moisture, doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear, and comes with a warranty. You can also match your helmet to your riding style and check your helmet for proper fit, remove rot and germination, adjust fogging and airflow, install LED lights, and keep your helmet in good condition. These all help ensure you get the best motorcycle helmet money can buy.