In addition to producing delicious beverages, SodaStream is a fantastic sparkling water maker that is also environmentally beneficial. Although the soda maker is simple to operate, the SodaStream bottles have certain distinctive qualities that make them appear complicated at first glances, such as their expiration date. But don’t worry; we’ve addressed your most frequent inquiries concerning these bottles in this post so you can sip your fizzy beverage without concern.

Why Does SodaStream Bottles Degrade Over Time?

SodaStream bottles must be replaced every four years for safety concerns since the plastic walls of the bottle deteriorate with time. As a result, the bottle is more prone to break during carbonation and hurt surrounding persons after its expiration date. Although they are made to endure high pressure, the constant carbonation puts them under much stress. Additionally, heat and UV radiation can also harm the bottles. To prevent any mishaps, SodaStream advises replacing the bottle every four years. The expiration date is printed directly on the bottle.

How Often Should SodaStream Bottles Be Replaced?

After the expiration date, which should be every four years, you should replace your SodaStream bottles.

Do Glass Bottles from SodaStream Decompose?

According to the manufacturer, the glass carafes used by SodaStream never expire. So if they don’t have cracks or other damage, you can use them for a long time.

Is My SodaStream Bottle Dishwasher-Safe?

Look for a dishwasher-safe label on your SodaStream bottle to determine whether you may wash it in the dishwasher. If you have the glass carafe, you’re ready to go because this bottle is dishwasher safe.

Try not to use the dishwasher to clean a SodaStream bottle that should only be hand-washed. You can obtain a bottle that has shrunk and is unsafe to use.

Can the Bottle Go in the Freezer or Refrigerator?

You may put the SodaStream bottles in the refrigerator and enjoy your incredible, delicious beverage because the maker claims they are safe to use at temperatures as low as 34F (1C).

Be aware that putting your SodaStream bottles in the freezer would subject them to a temperature below what is permitted (34F / 1C). It is stated explicitly by SodaStream not to place them in the freezer.

Do SodaStream bottles come in a variety of sizes?

There are four sizes of SodaStream bottles: a 0.8 L glass carafe, a 0.5 L plastic bottle, and a 1 L traditional plastic bottle.

Can Any Bottle Be Used with SodaStream?

In the SodaStream machine, no bottle can be used for carbonation. The primary explanation is that carbonation bottles are made to endure high pressure. You can feel the sturdy walls, and if you look closely, you notice that it has a unique spherical bottom that mimics the bottom of a soda capsule. Additionally, the bottles are specifically made to fit the SodaStream securely. It is advised to stay with original SodaStream bottles, and soft drinks or bottles explicitly made to be used for carbonation with SodaStream devices for your safety. These containers are made of stainless steel, and some even have insulation so that you may consume cold beverages all day long.