Uniforms are not just for schools but also businesses. When I graduated college and got accepted for a job as a fresh graduate, I thought I could get away with uniforms, but I was wrong. The first company I worked for required printed t shirts. It was not that bad, but honestly speaking, I was thankful for that since I thought I would wear box-pleated skirts—like a student.

After working there for five years, I decided to quit my job as an employee and become a boss. The journey of setting up my business was not that easy. Before I reached where my business is at this very moment, I have been through countless ups and downs.

Besides finding an affordable commercial place for my restaurant, I spend most of my time developing new recipes and teaching my employees how to cook and serve customers.

The first few weeks that I opened my restaurant, everything was well. Even though we barely have more customers than established restaurants, we never give up until many people become interested in our menu.

One time while we were serving dishes to customers, one customer mistook the other customer as our waiting staff. Even though both parties laughed about what happened, that was when I realised the importance of uniforms. From then, I understood that wearing a personalised t shirt in Singapore creates distinction.

Ordering Company Printed T Shirts

That incident never happened again after I ordered company printed t shirts and required my employees to wear uniforms while at work. At first, I thought that my employees would be mad, but they were happy. That was quite the opposite of what I had imagined would happen, but they said, ‘Now that we have company printed t shirts, trying to find clothes to wear for work will no longer become a problem‘.

My Tips Before You Order Personalised T Shirt Uniforms

  • Set The Modest Print Size

I missed considering this, but luckily, they sent a print sample before the mass corporate t-shirt printing production in Singapore.  The design layout we sent them has a massive logo in front that covers the entire tee.

My advice is to review the design layout multiple times before sending the file to the t shirt printing company. Doing so should help save time from redoing the design layout.

  • Get The Right Placement

Besides setting the modest print size, you should also consider the correct placement. Otherwise, your employees would look like Iron Man fans. Given I am no designer, I asked my employee to resize the logo, but he forgot to replace it on the left side (where the heart is).

Luckily, the t shirt printing company sent us another sample of the second edited file we sent. I noticed that our logo was in the middle of the chest. Instead of asking my employee to edit it, I had to ask a designer from the t shirt company to adjust the placement.

It has been five years since we worked with Express Printing, but the corporate shirt uniforms with quality printing that we ordered from them still look great. Consider contacting Express Printing at +65 9892 6924 and let them know what kind of uniforms you want them to print for your business.