In 2021 the tourism industry has returned with everything, and Marbella has not turned a deaf ear to this impressive return, much less for this summer season.

Marbella is usually known for its exuberance and exclusivity, considered by travelers from all over the world as one of the top tier destinations for visitors from all over the world; It is no wonder that people from all over the world choose Marbella, especially this summer season, as one of the focal points for having wild weeks of vacation.

The Marbella experience: Tips for living it up!

The first thing to keep in mind is that, although it is a small city, the truth is that there are a lot of places to visit and have fun. The main recommendation for any visitor is to resort to car rentals, so that they can move as freely as possible in the city.

It is also important to reserve the place of lodging in advance; Although Marbella is not such a populated city, it is considered one of the main centers of tourism in the entire region, which makes it very crowded during high season.

Although some places also include transportation from Malaga airport, getting there through one of the Malaga to Marbella transfer services is not complicated either, since these can be hired from the airport or through the internet.

What to expect from this summer in Marbella

Unlike the scenario that was experienced in 2020 where commercial and tourist activity was completely stopped in the region, in 2021 the precautionary measures, in addition to the progress in the vaccination process, have allowed to revive to an enormous extent all the activities of the city.

On the one hand, we have the reopening of the docks and beaches of the famous Costa del Sol. This summer the warm waters of the Marbella coast welcome visitors who like to either bathe, sail or simply relax on the sand and sunbathe.

The cosmopolitan nightlife of Marbella has not been far behind in this regard either; they have come back quite strongly this season. Although precautionary measures limit the number of people admitted to each location, these usually have pages that allow reservations to be made in advance.

In addition to the above, Marbella puts the icing on the cake for its visitors with a vast repertoire of concerts in which each and every day of August and until mid-September there are confirmed dates for concerts by international artists ranging from Bonnie Tyler, Plácido Domingo or Il Divo to figures like David Bisbal and even Ozuna. There is something for everyone!