To help your cat drink more water, check out these best ideas for getting your cat to drink more water. For cats, water is just as important as it is for humans. They must have access to a clean, fresh supply at all times. Because of their desert-dwelling history, cats are able to survive on less water than dogs. However, they are still susceptible to dehydration, which can lead to frequent health issues such as constipation and urinary obstructions.

Wet food

You’re in luck if your cat already enjoys and eats wet food. If your cat is already eating wet food but still needs to drink more water, try mixing in a little amount of extra water with the meal. If your cat refuses to eat the watered-down food, don’t force it; the cat may develop a dislike to it or, worse, go on a hunger strike! If your cat exclusively eats dry food, consult your veterinarian to determine which wet food best fulfils your cat’s nutritional requirements. know more about kitten’s life and food.

Always keep a water bowl near the food

Cats are more inclined to drink water while eating if it is provided adjacent to their food. It’s common for cats to alternate between eating and drinking, especially when they’re eating only dry food and drinking only water. For some cats, putting the kibble in a timed feeder with a dish of water next to it works well. It is possible that the cat is more likely to drink water while waiting for food since it is available.

More bowls

Especially if you have numerous cats, the fragrance of another cat will dissuade them from sharing the same water. If you want to satisfy your cat’s water wanderlust, it’s best to provide your cat with a variety of options.

Scrub a dub

Remove any unpleasant odours and potentially hazardous microorganisms from your cat’s water bowl on a daily basis. Fresh water should be in their bowls and glasses on a daily basis.

Encourage your cat’s unusual drinking habits

Many cats will choose to receive their water in unconventional ways. Many cats, for example, would prefer to drink from a dripping faucet rather than from an open bowl. Allow a few drips for your cat before turning off the faucet if you detect this behaviour.

Convey your concerns to your pet sitter

Request that the cat sitter changes your cat’s water every day, and keep an eye on your cat during the booking in case his or her habits alter. Request that the cat sitter not only cleans and replenishes all of your cat’s water bowls, but also cleans and replenishes all of your cat’s food bowls.

Is there a sudden increase in water?

Is your cat suddenly drinking a lot more water and drinking it more often? Too much drinking and peeing is also not recommended. Consult your veterinarian if you or your cat sitter notices a rapid change in behaviour.