Are you one fond of wearing watches? If you’re fond of wearing watches, then try the Rolex watches. Before wearing, you must inquire online by reading reviews or visiting various websites. One and only f Rolex watch (นาฬิกา โร เล็ก ซ์, which is the term in Thai) has unique features. Also, you can gift the pleasant to your friends or family members.

The Types Of Rolex Watches

There are a variety of Rolex watches available. Like Air king, Gmt master, Day date, Yacht-master, Datejust etc.

  • Day-Date 40 

It is a type of Rolex watch with a Monobloc centre case based on oyster architecture. The diameter is 40 MM, and the material used is platinum. It is bidirectional automatic winding with a perpetual rotor. The power reserve capacity is of 70 hours.

The blue dial of a Rolex watch defines the identity and reliability mode. The marker is made of gold which prevents it from tarnishing.

  • Yatch- Master 42 

This type of Rolex watch uses a bidirectional rotatable 60-minute bezel. The diameter is 42 MM, and the power reserve capacity is 70 hours. The bidirectional rotating bezel is made of precious materials. The expert or professionals use the black dial, giving excellent reliability mode with Chroma light display.

The 18-karat gold alloy used in the Rolex watch makes it unique and the purest form.

  • Datejust 36 

This model contains oyster steel and gold with a 36MM diameter, and it has a combination of 18-karat yellow gold with oyster steel. The movement is mechanical, self-winding and perpetual, and it has maximum energy efficiency and a bidirectional automatic winding perpetual rotor with 70 hours of power reserve.

The grooved bezel in Rolex watches is a unique feature. However, the Rolex watches provide waterproof performance. The fluted vessel is the essential aesthetic element of the Rolex watch. Yellow Rolex made of gold shows their beauty with dignity.

Why Are Rolex Watches Best?

Rolex watches use a type of steel that is not operated by any other watch manufacturing company. The type of stainless steel used by Rolex watches is unbelievable. They provide dive watches which is 100% tasted under expert supervision. Rolex watches employees of numerous geologists of high standards to the supplier.

Bottom Line

Avail of the best Rolex watches with unique beauty. Without experience, you cannot identify the beauty of it, and without knowing the beauty, you cannot gift it to your friends or families. Always keep roles watches your priority.