No matter if your คอยล์บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า ราคาถูก is brand new or old, priming the wick can make all the difference in taste and performance. It guarantees a great first hit and helps prevent the burning of the wick.

Priming a new coil involves pouring some e-liquid onto the exposed cotton wicks. This process may take anywhere from five to ten minutes, depending on which liquid you choose.

  1. Apply E-Liquid

Before using your vape tank, ensure the cotton wick surrounding the coil is fully saturated with e-liquid. Doing this prevents dryness and burning while vaping.

The amount of time it takes for the e-liquid to absorb into your coil’s wick depends on your device and type of liquid, but it should take between five and ten minutes. You can expedite this process by taking two priming puffs without activating your battery – this will force more liquid into the wick.

Primed atomizers tend to last longer than those without. However, if you use sub-ohm coils or ones with low resistance, it may take some time before they become completely saturated.

  1. Let It Saturate

Priming a vape coil is the ideal method, as it allows e-liquid to drip directly onto its wicking material before installation in your tank. Doing this increases its life and makes flavor production more efficient.

After priming your coil, let the wick soak for around 10 minutes. This timeframe may differ depending on its resistance level.

New vapers often neglect to prime their vape coils properly, leading to an unpleasant dry hit. Fortunately, priming is a relatively straightforward process that will significantly enhance your vaping experience.

  1. Coat It In Vape Juice

One of the most crucial skills for new vapers to master is how to prime their atomizer coils properly. If not done correctly, you could end up with a burnt taste in your mouth when taking draws.

Money spent on coil replacement can easily turn into wasted expense if not done properly. But with our helpful primer tips, you’ll get the most from your device and enjoy better vaping sessions in no time!

Priming a coil involves thoroughly covering the cotton wick with your vape juice. Doing this helps ensure that your wick does not become overheated or dried out when exposed to high-wattage settings.

No matter if you use MTL, low resistance, or sub-ohm vape coils, all must first be soaked in e-liquid before use. The length of time it takes to prime a coil depends on its resistance; if priming an MTL device with resistance above 1.0 ohms, you should have it ready to fire within five minutes.