The GMAT exam is an important standardised entrance exam for all those who want to apply for a masters in the management field, both in India and abroad. The exam is computer-adaptive and multiple-choice, and is used to assess a candidate’s English language proficiency, knowledge of basic mathematical concepts, and logical and analytical reasoning skills.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). It is taken by thousands of students around the world every year. The GMAT entrance exam is typically taken by students at a registered test centre in their city or a nearby city if there are no test centres present where they live. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, GMAC is also offering a GMAT Online Exam, which is described as an “interim, proctored exam” that can be taken by candidates from the comfort of their home. Candidates are free to choose from the two options.

The exam fee for the GMAT is USD 250 in India, which is roughly INR 18,500. In India, the fee is the same whether a candidate chooses to take the exam at a test centre or online. In addition to this, there are a few additional services which if a candidate opts for, they will be charged separately; such as score reports, rescoring, and cancellations or rescheduling. The GMAT fees in India for the cost of an enhanced score report is USD 250. If a candidate would like to opt for an additional score report, they will be charged at the rate of USD 35 for each additional report. If a candidate wishes to cancel scores after having already accepted it at the test centre, they can do it online once they leave the centre, at the cost of USD 25. If they wish to reinstate the cancelled score, this can be done at the price of USD 50. Lastly, if a candidate wants to have their Analytical Writing Assessment Section essay rescored, that can also be done at the cost of USD 45. also allows candidates to reschedule their GMAT exam once they have already scheduled it. If they wish to reschedule more than 60 days before their presently scheduled exam date, they can do it at the cost of USD 50. If they want to do it between 15 and 60 days before, it can be done at the cost of USD 100. If candidates change their mind and want dates closer to their appointment date, they still may do it, at a slightly higher cost of USD 150. If, rather than rescheduling, candidates would prefer to cancel their exam, they can obtain a USD 100 refund as long as they start this process over 60 days before the chosen test day. If they wish to do it between 15 and 60 days before their appointment, they can obtain a refund of USD 75. If they cancel their appointment less than 14 days before the test day, they are still entitled to a refund of USD 50.

GMAC has provided all these options for candidates, thus, making selecting dates as per convenience easy. However, dates should be selected carefully as a lot of money goes into it. So candidates must put a lot of thought into it and choose carefully.