When installing a water cooled chiller in the open air and operating it in the winter period in heating mode, the design is greatly simplified. Because you only need to fill the hydraulic circuit with an antifreeze fluid.

When installing a chiller in the open air and operating it in the winter period in cooling mode. In addition to filling the hydraulic circuit with an anti-freeze liquid, it is necessary to use an additional expensive fan speed controller to maintain the condensing pressure. While starting after a long shutdown will be difficult, especially when low ambient temperatures. This complicates its design and leads to a decrease in the performance of the chiller.

All such negative factors are eliminated by using a chiller with a water condenser, which can be located in any warm room. In this case, for winter operation, it is only necessary to fill the condenser hydraulic circuit and install a simpler option. A three-way valve with a motor to more accurately maintain the condensing pressure. This greatly simplifies the operation of the chiller.

Chiller Automated Control System

Any modern device is equipped with an automated control system. This system consists of the following elements:

  • control panels;
  • controller;
  • protective equipment.

The main element here is the controller. It is responsible for managing the operation of all the main elements of this equipment. Moreover, the controller regulates the reversing refrigeration cycle.

The duties of the automated system also include turning on the compressor when an increase in the temperature of the working fluid is detected. If the temperature drops, the system automatically shuts down the unit. Thus, the use of this system guarantees the reliability of the compressor throughout the entire operating period.

As for the operation scheme, warm streams of water enter the chiller from the building. And the cold flow returns back – from the device to the building.