Every plant has its unique needs. If we want them to grow to their best potential, we have to meet all growing conditions. Apart from these, we all have individual prospects for our plants too. While the first set of conditions is rigid, ours may be more flexible and intriguing. Some of the constant factors for cannabis cultivation include light, soil, water, and cannabis pots type. 

Light: Put them where they can have sufficient sunlight and heat to help their development. Since they are herbaceous and green, they need enough sunlight. 

Soil choice: Loam is the best soil type for all its properties and nutrients. With 20% sand and 40% silt, and 40% loam, they are just well for the marijuana plant. 

Watering: Marijuana soil must remain wet at most times. Not flooded, but enough to feel the wetness when you touch the soil. 

Cannabis pots: Different flower/plant pots exist. All are designed to meet the unique needs of whatever plants would be their occupants. 

Why cannabis pots are important

There are specific planters for cannabis in the market, and you must mention their purpose to whomever you want to buy them from.

There are round and square growing containers and even sustainable fiber containers. The choice of their appearance is yours to make. But the design-build is what you should not compromise on. Ideal containers have a drainage system for the soil, a firm base to help them sit well, and tall/straight to accommodate the posture of the plant. With the right choice of container, you have an increased chance of sustenance for your plant. Cannabis is delicate in its development stage and can perish with flooded soil in a container. 

Since there are different make of cannabis planters, you should be familiar with them to know which ones to choose. The thermoform cannabis pots are only suitable for the early stages of the plant and would need you to change the content later. Also, they are not reusable. So, if you are cultivating cannabis for a longer term, you want to consider injection mold or resin containers. Those are reusable and more durable for long-term needs.