Audiology is the study of hearing. The word audiology comes from two different words, ‘audio’ meaning to hear and ‘logy,’ meaning the study of. That branch of science specializes in hearing, balance, and the disorders associated with it. 

With the help of the best available technology and medical science, Audiology comes up with solutions for hearing and balance disorders. Forest Hills Audiology is where one such place diagnosing hearing and balance disorder.  

Who Is An Audiologist?

Audiologists are experts who help diagnose hearing and balancing disorders. They have a doctorate in audiology from an affiliated University. They are doctors who are hearing healthcare professionals. They’re trained to diagnose, treat or prevent problems related to hearing. Their expertise is in the technology used to manage these conditions. 

They specialize in the treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders in every age group. The broad age spectrum includes different types of problems they need to resolve. Places at Forest Hills Audiology also provide treatment for people of all age groups and has licensed audiologists who work with an incorporative team to offer personalized solutions to their patients. 

Diagnostic Tests

An audiologist can use different kinds of tests to help understand the disorder a patient is going through. These diagnostic tests include the otoacoustic emissions test, which checks the inner ear, behavioral audiometry evaluation for testing overall response to sound, auditory brainstem response for checking the brain’s response to sound, etc. The kind of treatment done will be based upon the symptoms the patient is having. Not all diagnostic tests can be done on patients. The audiologist’s work is to determine the best testing option based on the information gathered by observing the patient.

Treatment Options

The test results will help the audiologists understand the disorder their patients are suffering from to further treatment. Ear wax removal, surgical procedures, hearing aids is treatments done to diagnose hearing loss depending upon the cause and severity.

Audiology And Technology

The field of audiology has been dependent on technology since its establishment. From identifying the disorder to diagnosing it, everything is entirely reliant on technology-based gadgets. Over the past few years, the technology has improved, and so has the treatment provided by audiologists. 

For example, with enhanced technology, recording hearing loss is more accessible and even more accurate. Forest Hills Audiology centers are also equipped with new and improvised gadgets and provide the best treatment for their patients. Nowadays, it is even possible to detect hearing loss in infants. 


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