“In learning, you will teach, and in teaching, you will learn,” said Phil Collins.

A mentor is someone who helps to overcome your difficulties and to make you successful. Mentoring is a long-term relationship between the mentor and the mentee.

A mentor is a teacher and a supporter who helps in the growth and development of the mentee. Many times a mentee is stuck into difficult tasks and starts creating negative thoughts in their mind and here comes the role of a mentor who helps the mentee in boosting their confidence and encourage them to cope up with difficult situations and show them a path of success.

Here are few things that you should know for finding a mentor:

First, understand what kind of mentor you want:

The first thing is what kind of mentor do you want. This is the question you should ask yourself. But many times people are looking for sponsors, not mentors. A sponsor is someone who highlights your work and helps you to get opportunities and promotions.

A mentor is someone who helps in the development, improving strength and teaches them to deal with difficulties.

Do not ask them to be your mentor:

If you met a new person or meeting them for the first time, don’t directly ask them to be your mentor, this is the worst thing to do. First, try to learn about them and also try to find out some similarities, form a good relationship, and then ask for them to become your mentor.

Start with your existing network:

When you are in search of a mentor, consider your close ones first with whom you have a good relationship. Go for your Ex-Boss, your colleagues, or someone senior with who you have good interaction. Try to go for someone who has helped you in past or given you helpful feedback in past.

Cultivate the relationship:

You should understand that many times people are busy, so you have to take a lead to form a good relationship. Try to explain your goal to them and also try to form conversations on your performance or any problems that occur. If they are responding, it’s a positive indication that they are happy with your interaction.

One who has experience:

A mentor has already passed the path that you are facing, so will have a solution for your problems. They can share their experience which can help you to learn from their success and mistakes. Try to ask questions, also describe your problems which make you uncomfortable. Their experience can teach you to deal with your problems to get success. Search for one who has the experience and is attentive to your goal.

One of the leading examples of a mentor is Reza Satchu who serves as Director of the Company. He is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Alignvest Management Corporation. Reza Satchu’s mission is to increase Canadian prosperity and accelerate the trajectory of Canada’s most promising entrepreneurs.