A wedding planner in Singapore is not just someone who conceptualises an event of the century for their beloved clients. In most cases, they try to accomplish deadlines, understand their customers, or even try to please them with the options they are suggesting.

In this article, let us learn about the features of a reliable and trustworthy coordinator who can help you achieve your wedding goals.


Since a wedding coordinator in Singaporedeals with people from different walks of life, varying personalities, and anyone wanting to have an event that speaks, they should know a thing or two about being friendly and approachable. That means they can work with whoever they face and respect them no matter what or have a people-pleasing personality, in a good way.


Sure, a wedding coordinator will never give you good night kisses and tuck you to bed. All kidding aside, what we mean by caring is they look beyond thepaycheck they will receive or the commission they will earn from the employer. In short, they seek to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, and their goal is to turn that dream into a reality. (Tip: You would immediately know if someone is genuine, and you can sense it through many things.)


Anyone can be a wedding and event professional because there is nothing that stops you from achieving your career goals. However, one trait these people should have is being an expert in their fields because they need to be credible, such as knowing which colours to use for the event or any component that makes the event extra special and meaningful. (Tip: The professional should be able to explain the rationale behind the project or the idea behind their design propositions.)


Wedding planning in Singapore takes time and effort because one does not create an event of the century overnight. First, your trusted professional should have patience with everything, such as their colleagues and other things that require them to wait. However, it does not mean you will abuse deadlines because the point of being patient is giving people the free pass when due.

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