I begin by defining ‘ MCKS pranic psychotherapy’. It’s a method which draws on pranic healing techniques of checking, cleansing, energizing, shielding, and releasing. They originate from the concepts of transmissibility of the person’s from specialist to client, on receptivity of client to choosing the healing prana, as well as on the shielding within the chakras and aura from transmission by negative thought entities and elementals.

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Elementals are energy beings define thought entities that victimize intense feelings of anger, fear, grief, or hate. A concept entity is unquestionably an idea that has placed on it a effective emotion which gives it substance within the energy field. This entity resides within the aura, within the mental field, and may penetrate through chakras once the webs are cracked, torn, or broken. These webs may be repaired and sealed with gold pranic light energy the specialist intends and transmits through their hands chakra or very wand.

The potency of intention moving energy is basically within the reason for pranic healing being effective.

Very wands are utilized using the specialist of pranic mental therapy to accelerate the strength of energy which may be transmitted for that client and reduces significantly the absorption of negative forces involved in the recovery process which can be attracted that you just keep to the arms and hands within the specialist that’s handling the energy through the entire process of recovery. This absorption of negative energy across the arms and hands within the pranic specialist is larger every time a very just sits there. This involves the practitioner’s use of an alcohol spray with certain essential oils to dissipate any negative forces which can be stuck for that arms and hands while cleansing.

Depression, anxiety, and addictions may be outcomes of suffering trauma or injuries whether physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually. These injuring effects leave wounds upon the recipient and they are frequently according to recurring ideas, feelings, when severe, hallucinations, which cause suffering and despair. These effects may also be paralyzing and stop the customer from doing the work to obtain gainfully employed, to improve a person’s existence potential, and to be socially active and productive financially, and to be effectively associated with relationships whatsoever levels.

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The elegance of pranic mental remedies are within getting the opportunity to remove these negative forces which accompany trauma, injuries, or accidents. The psychic shielding is an additional necessary feature in the treatment to make sure these negative forces don’t go back to cause mental and emotional discomfort. There’s frequently the advantages of subsequent repeat treatments to fully and completely remove all negative forces and elementals that are creating the recurring ideas, feelings, and patterns.

The sealing, repairing, and strengthening within the chakral webs further ensures the healing within the etheric body and stopping elementals and negative thought entities penetrating the chakras and affecting the mental and emotional body within the client.

Master Choa Kok Sui has produced this protocol that’s administered through certified affiliate pranic healers, like myself, who was simply competed in pranic psythotherapy and have documented successes with treating clients while using the above mentioned wounds.

Thus far I have only mentioned how pranic mental therapy may be helpful to handle injuries from trauma leading to anxiety, depression, and/or motivational paralysis.

Another critical treatment feature in the pranic mental therapy strategy is to handle individuals struggling with addictive habits and obsessive compulsive habits.