Are you planning to opt for body sculpting, but are afraid of all those things that you have been told by different people about it?

Then we are here to tell you about the misconceptions that you have been fed with, about this treatment. Firstly, let us tell you that it is not something that everybody needs to opt for; however, there are a few people who cannot help themselves without going for it. This is because not everybody is able to lose the last couple of fats without fine tuning themselves with the help of Clinique Anti Aging Sculptra treatment.

There are those who do all kinds of exercises and maintain a healthy diet, but are still not able to get into shape. This is why they need some additional help to get into their dream body shape.

No doubt there are minor side effects like tingling sensations, soreness and tenderness in the muscle region, but these things remain only for about two to three days after the treatment. There is nothing more than these things reported by patients, unless they undergo this from someone who is not experienced or well-known in the industry of body sculpting.

There are major misconceptions related to this treatment, out of which some are mentioned below:

  • You regain fats after the treatment: If you are not able to control your diet and maintain a healthy workout regime, it is bound to gain all the fat that has been sculptured out of your body. Therefore, it is always important to talk to your doctor and maintain a good diet and balanced workout despite going for this treatment.
  • You cannot workout after this treatment: This is the funniest misconception we have ever come across about body sculpting; you can definitely workout after a few days of sculpting. All you need is a good advice from the doctor you get the treatment done from.
  • You cannot work after the body sculpting treatment: It is not that you need to ask for a long leave from your work if you want to opt for this treatment; it’s just that you must take a break for a day or two if you want the tingling sensations to go down before you resume your daily routine. Honestly, you can resume your work the very next day itself, but you can still take some rest before the same.