Greece has successfully overcome the intense period of the financial crisis and is currently efficiently fostering its economy. An ever-increasing number of rich foreigners pick this country to purchase land. It is important that you can get a full license for the acquisition of luxury real estate in Halkidiki. The related taxpayer-supported initiative has been running for over seven years.

Benefits of acquiring property

For a long time, people have chosen Greek resorts, which are distinguished by their unique nature, created foundation, shockingly rich trip program, and brilliant help. Costs in Greece are a lot lower than in other European nations, while as far as quality it is not the slightest bit mediocre compared to the most popular world retreats.

So it is exceptionally pleasant to have a rest in Greece, and your rest will become even more comfortable if you buy your own villa in Sithonia for rent here. Due to a certain internal political situation, the prices for houses and apartments in Greece are especially low. This makes it possible to make the most profitable purchase with the lowest prices. Simultaneously, market specialists foresee a consistent expansion in the worth of Greek land soon, and that implies that purchasing a home in Greece is turning into a beneficial way to set aside your cash.

Obtaining an investment residence permit

The Greek real estate market is well developed and shows a small but steady growth. Financially independent people who plan to obtain a Golden Visa can purchase an object on the sea coast, on a remote island, or in a large city. Officials do not place restrictions on the location of investment property. Buying an apartment in Greece in the center of the capital is quite realistic. Even now, there are similar offers in the list of current ads.