Around the world right now, there is a great deal of urgency to get ahead with all the needed machines as it seems as though time is running out, so there is this feeling of desperation to get what we need in the course to save the planet. As it is well known that there are many causes for all the noise you have been hearing of climate change, one apparent factor is that the climate is getting warmer by the day and how to stop it from getting warmer is what we are all about. Of course, one reason for our warm weather is using power such as petrol, gasoline, and many others like coal. A lot of the way we have been powering our homes and cars has been proven to be dangerous to the planet, which is why there is a demand for renewable energy. There are already consequences of our negligence for many decades that are harmful not only to humans but animals as well. Some examples are plastics in the oceans that endanger the inhabitants and the terrible pollution caused by landfill. That is what makes recycling very important a lot of this can be avoided while we already do that with new products we also need to get some of the oceans and landfill go. For land, the landfill has just what Komptech Americas requires with our one-of-a-kind compost turner.

Gone are the days when clearing out a landfill could be a lot of work and take up a lot of time. All that will no longer happen with the compost turner we not only have various sizes of machines that can turn windrow quickly but with some of the best features with different uses. The engines of our machines are of the latest as they use diesel that is limited in its emotion, which is helping to reduce the effect of global warming. We also have some of the best cabins to make the operators comfortable working as the house is air-conditioned.

Almost all industry that needs heavy equipment, including smaller ones, would require our machines as we are instrumental in these related fields like biowaste, contaminated soils, food waste, ore mixing, and sewage sludge. All this work can be done by our machines and many more, so reach out to us, and we can work together to see how we can help you with our compost turner.