Have you ever stared at actors, movie stars or just public figures? They all have beautiful hair locks. It’s not a gift from nature. This is the result of special male hairstyling products. Do not think that all this is the skill of a barber. In most situations, nice styling can be done in the home as well. Do not believe it? Just read this blog and change your mind. Let’s get started in barbershop on Manhattan!

People began to practice hairstyling many centuries ago. The main milestone in the development of hairstyling products fell on the fortieth. At this time, pomades and hair waxes, based on beeswax or Vaseline, appeared, which substituted pork and bear fat. In the middle of the 20th century, hair gels were created, then mousses, hair sprays, and so on.

Now there are many hairstyling products behind display cases that you don’t even know which one should be bought. But don’t hurry. Before you buy a great bunch of such products, you need to determine your hair type.

Selecting a styling product without knowing what hair type you have is like buying a ring or clothes without knowing your size. But if choosing clothes doesn’t put you in harm’s way, then you can get some problems with styling products. For example, if you have thin hair, and you start to set it with products of strong fixation, then it might begin to fall out.

Hair gels are probably the most prevalent styling products for men. The gel is water-based and transparent. Gel for hairstyling keeps hair looking wet and smooth. Try to use gels that refer to the scope of professional products. Cheap gels from markets become whitish after application and can even crumble and flake off on the hair. Your whole outfit will be covered in white crumbs from the dried gel.

Hair pomade is made on a Vaseline base with added wax and oil extracts. By the way, bear fat was used as a foundation for making hair pomade. It gives shine and capability for being gentle, allowing you to change hairstyle during the day. Pomade is great for swept-back hair or another tricky styling. As with the gel, the pomade gives some shine to the strands. However, it is not an ideal fit for fine hair; don’t use too much pomade if you have thick hair. If the amount of pomade is in excess, the hair will look dirty and unkempt.

Like pomade, hair wax is made with a similar base. Hair wax is commonly used for a crew cut or short hairstyle. It can be used for the fixation of the Mohawk as well. Be careful, as overuse of wax will lead to the product build-up on your hair and scalp. It can be hard to rinse off.

Typically, the difference between wax and pomade is that the second one gives oil gloss, but wax – more durability in moderate shine. Regular pomade is full of oils or fats, while wax has natural ingredients. Choose what you like.

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