In this article, we are going to talk about how to cheat with marked dominoes in a game of poker.Also, we are going to discuss what invisible ink dominoes are and are they reliable enough.

What are dominoes?

These are the little structure which is like the Jenga, but they are marked just like a dice.This game has been in the market for a little more than 100 years and is still being sold in the market very frequently.Many people like to play this game as it is very simple to understand and is dependent on luck.This game was originally made in China in the 13th century by the monks.

Dominoes can either be of a plain shape and also plain size.Dominoes can either come in a single set or a two-side face set.They were first used by the Chinese people to see who builds the highest kind of domino tower.This was like a professional game in the whole of China, and everyone played this game at least once.There was no involvement of money in the earlier time, but now people use the money to gamble in it.

 What are invisible ink dominoes?

These are the card which is made from the dominoes company and are marked.They are either printed on the backside of the card or the sides of the card.These markings are invisible to the normal human eye, so it is safe to use them.

You can see these marks either with a contact lens or contact lens glasses.There is the only number from 1 – 6, which is there on the dominoes tile.So they mark the number from 1 – 6 according to the tile side.There are around 55 dominoes tiles which come in a packet of tiles.

Is the marking on these dominoes reliable?

This thing of using marked dominoes is called dominoes cheating and is used more.These are highly reliable as they are marked with one of the highest quality inks ever made.So it is impossible to spot them without the correct contact lens and normal human eyes.

You can also predict the score and also the winning sequence in a game of dominoes.This is because of the marked dominoes, and they can help you win easily.The process which is used to mark these dominoes are different from marking the cards.So this process has made it even harder to spot the markings with a different lens.

How to use these marked dominoes in cheating?

The first thing is that you should pick a good quality of dominoes which you can use to cheat.If you use a cheap one according to your budget, then it is sure that you might be caught.You should also back out of games when you are on a winning streak, as people might start to question you.They will bring anti-cheat devices to see, and if you are caught, you will be fined and also jailed.