We tend to put a lot of effort into our outfits to look the best version of ourselves. However, we ignore our footwear, and it is crucial to pay special attention to our footwear and outfit. Our footwear should complement our outfits, and we must ensure that both are not mismatched.

Following are the five ways to select the footwear to wear with your outfits-

  • Consider shoes which match your clothes instead of the colours that compete with your clothes.

You should wear simple black heels when you wear a dress with a bright and bold pattern. If you wear a bright coloured shoe, it might look a little flashy, considering your outfit is already bright. On the contrary, if you are wearing a colourful dress or top, you should be wearing neutral or nude heels or flats. Nude colours match many kinds of clothes. You can add a dressy shoe with a funky pattern if you have neutral jeans.

  • Select standard colours for all your professional commitments.

Generally for office going people they require a specific type of outfit that is mostly formal and semi-formals. Most people opt for a suit, a pantsuit, and a blazer while going to the office. An office outfit should be tailored to fit perfectly. Regarding footwear, you should wear brown or black leather shoes or mules. However, grey and classic white is also the quintessential choices. 

  • Wear stiletto heels on a long dress. 

Heels have the power to make any garment look elegant and they also make a person look taller. Stiletto heels also accentuate the calf muscle. It is a great idea to wear stiletto heels on a long dress. However, you should ensure that the dress’s hem should be no more than half an inch off the ground. If the dress is any longer, it can also make you trip. Hence, the dress should be of appropriate length.

  • Wear flats with a halter dress at a beach.

Bright, simple and cotton dresses are ideal for the summer. You can pair this outfit with a funky pair of sandals and flats. An appropriate outfit will not only help you look stylish, it also gives you a great deal of comfort. If you want to look chic, young, bold and Boho, you should wear flats with a halter dress at a beach party or a cocktail party. If it is a printed chiffon halter dress in blue, you can wear a pair of blue or white flats or sandals. It is also essential to coordinate your accessories with your dress.

You can also pair a breezy top with flats that glide on your feet effortlessly!

  • Wear knee-high boots with a sweater or a hoodie in winters.

You should don an oversized hoodie or a sweater in winter. You can also make use of a long coat if the temperature starts to dip. Many girls also layer their outfit with a puffer vest. However, when it comes to footwear, you should be a little thoughtful. You should wear knee-high boots on a winter outfit.