Unhappy relationships within the family can take a toll on its members, from husband and wife to children. Alienation, lies and deception of one member can leave family relationships sour. In most cases, hiring a family lawyer in Singapore becomes a solution for counselling, negotiating or handling family disputes.

Difficulty In Family Conflicts & Disputes

In an ideal world, living in close quarters yields results that will strengthen family bonds and ties. However, living in close quarters creates more strain and resentment within the unit. It breeds a toxic and unhealthy environment that fosters more conflicts than growth. The issues often metastasise to become much worse, like filing a divorce, disowning a family member or running away from home.

It may be too difficult for many to accept that something is wrong. Acknowledging emotions is one step in recognising the problem and treating it as a step to making decisions on what matters the most. In an abusive marital relationship (for example), a spouse may deal with alienation and unhappiness. Once they recognise these emotions and how the treatment is something they do not deserve, they will have the strength or courage to decide to do something next, whether it’s hiring a family lawyer, making negotiations or taking to court.

However, navigating a solution often leads to creating more painful choices and hurtful or stressful experiences. There may be no end to concerns about how to ultimately end a conflict without escalating to war. Clear communication between two opposing/warring parties can help reach a resolution or agreement.

Resolving Family Disputes


Resolving family disputes is not an easy task. Opting for counselling or a family lawyer is a quick way to mediate between disputes. Mediation is a voluntary process where meetings are held in confidence and secrecy with a mediator to discuss relevant issues and to settle an agreement. Mediation is among the most common legal ways to settle family disputes.

Having a mediator also allows both parties to have assistance in reaching the most appropriate term that is more efficient than litigation. Mediations can be arranged quickly at a comfortable pace for both parties. It also provides a cheaper and cost-effective alternative to court proceedings.


Arbitration is a private version of court proceedings should parties fail to make agreements or settlements. Whether you are involving a family lawyer or an adoption lawyer in Singapore, arbitration can resolve disputes and make resolutions outside judiciary courts with an arbitrator. An arbitrator must be a qualified third party that can exercise when binding decisions with profound knowledge of the law. Nevertheless, the party can choose their arbitrator, dictate the procedure and control the timetable.


Negation involves the use of lawyers between each respective party to resolve issues. Negotiations often take various forms to conduct, such as meeting in person, sending emails or having telephone conversations. A family lawyer can exercise their knowledge to provide sound advice and guide their clients to make better decisions to resolve issues without arbitration or litigation. The lawyer will then communicate with the other representing party on behalf of their client and safeguard their interests.


Litigation is perhaps the method where disputes require legal actions and must be taken to the court to reach a resolution or agreement. Lawyers will also represent their clients before the court where the judge or jury will hear the arguments and evidence between parties. Parties should adhere to and be subject to the strict laws and rules of the court, and they must abide by the court’s decision or judgement.

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