Many people often think that driving his own car will be the cheapest way of shipping a car. On the contrary, this will end up to be more expensive, as you have to bear the fuel cost, your food and lodging cost on the way, wear and tear of your car, and also the stress and risks that you have to bear on the way.

Most of the family, these days have multiple vehicles and hence this idea of self-driving may not work very well. So, the best option will be to hire a shipping service from a company like Ship a Car, Inc. where the cost of shipping a car will be reasonable.

Besides that, we are going to share a few tips that can help you to save further on your car shipping cost. However, remember the golden word that cheapest is never the best. So, while shipping your car you must also check the reputation and quality of service of the shipping company.

The following are a few ways you can reduce the shipping cost of your car:

1.    Talk to a few companies and then compare their fees

You should not decide after discussing with one car shipping company, rather you must get offer from multiple companies and compare their terms and price so that you can select the best one.

2.    Choose roll on and roll off services rather than door-to-door service

Instead of opting for door-to-door service for your vehicle, you can deliver your vehicle to their collection center and also pick up your car from their office at the destination. You can save a few dollars this way.

3.    Go for open trailers instead of enclosed trailer

Generally, open trailers will be much more affordable as compared to an enclosed trailer. Most cars are usually shipped on open trailers and it is quite safe and also waiting time will also be less.

4.    Check the insurance package

Usually, most car shipping company has got insurance for carrying the vehicles and check whether that is sufficient for your car. Only if you think you need additional insurance then talk to your own insurance company.

5.    Ship more cars together

By shipping more than a single car at the same time you can claim a certain discount and thus save some amount of money on the shipping cost.

6.    Consider right season for booking

As you know the shipping cost may vary as per the seasons. If you book your car during the harsh winter season when driving conditions remain very unsafe, hence the shipping cost during such season will also be higher. However, during this season the route to Florida is cheaper.

Summers are usually the peak season when demand is also very high and the price may also get higher.

7.    Be flexible about the timeline

Generally, if you book your car for shipping then it will be shipped within 3 to 7 days. However,  if you prefer urgent shipping then you have to pay extra charges. If you are flexible about the shipping date then you can save some money.