Concrete can add value, beauty, and functionality to your home. From concrete countertops, garage floors, to stamped concrete patios, hire a concrete contractor for your home improvement project.

Read more here about nine tips for hiring a good concrete contractor.

1. Detail the Scope of your Project

Your first step before you contact a contractor is to determine the job that you want the contractor to perform.

While an experienced contractor can provide suggestions to enhance the project, you need to develop your list of what is most important to you.

For example, is functionality more important than design or pricing?

2. Gather List of Local Contractors

Next, grab a device and begin your internet search & look for concrete contractors that are located near you.

Then ask family members, friends, and co-workers for the names of any concrete contractors that they know of. Add those to your list.

3. Check Online

To find an expert concrete contractor, you now need to use your list of potential contractors. Look up each potential contractor and conduct some research on each one.

Their websites should provide background information on the business, details about their areas of expertise, and a method to contact them.

Remember that you are not judging the design of their website, but you are getting a sense of the contractor’s ability to do your job.

4. Narrow down your List of Local Contractors

With the information you gathered from your research, select your top three to five contractors.

To hire a good concrete contractor, read through the online reviews. You are looking for a general trend in the comments. One negative review does not mean that the contractor is not capable.

5. Obtain Quotes

Call or email the contractors. You now want an in-person to visit your site. Explain all the details of the job that you want completed.

When you review the quotations that you receive, be aware of any that are much higher or lower than the others.

You may want to follow-up with questions about their prep work, quality of materials, and who will pull the permits for the job.

6. Verify Insurance

Before making your final decision, ask the concrete contractors about their licenses and insurance.

Both the insurances and licenses are intended to protect you as the consumer and the contractor as well.

7. Call References

Quality concrete contractors will have references that they can provide to you. Often, you will find that some of the references might be near to you.

Ask if you can stop by and see the work that was completed. Ask the other customers if they were happy with the quality and timing of the work.

8. Ask about Availability

Now, you need to make sure that the contractor is available when you need the work completed.

The complexity and duration of your project might impact when a quality contractor can fit you in their schedule.

9. Get Contract in Writing

You are almost finished and ready for the project to begin. Before any concrete is poured, make sure that you get the details of the contract in writing!

Then, enjoy your updated home!