Gen Z is now the trendsetter for lifestyle, fashion and skincare. So, digital marketers should look after the behaviour of these young people born between 1997 and 2012. One common denominator is that everyone likes to use social media, including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. For this reason, business owners should know the lifestyle trends before they produce marketing content on their social media accounts.

Remember that Gen Z likes posting online, so take advantage of this behaviour to make your marketing strategies more successful. On top of this, you must know the lifestyle trends to make them more relevant.

Get to know the Gen Z lifestyle trends in this article for more successful digital marketing.

1. Focuses On Digital Media

Yes, Gen Z rarely watches television compared to other generations. They mostly rely on digital apps like Netflix and other social media. So, most likely that young Chinese consumers will prefer advertisements catered for social media. For example, ads on YouTube can make your products more well-known since most people watch videos on that platform.

2. The Comeback Of Y2K (2000 Aesthetic) 

The Y2K aesthetic is returning, and most young people like to follow the 2000s aesthetic. Instagram, it accumulated more hashtags where you can see users rocking the futuristic and tech-loving fashion style. So, when doing a photo shoot for your brand, you can style the models with Y2K fashion and make the content to commerce success.

3. Embracing Diversity

Young people want to demolish the archaic gender roles and give more acceptance to other sexualities. Gen Z wants to embrace diversity and the beauty of individuality. So, when posting on a content creator platform, hire models that show uniqueness. Also, remember that Gen Z is trying to unlearn toxic beauty standards.

4. The Importance of Well-Being And Mental Health 

There’s a growing concern for the well-being and mental health of Gen Z. They want a marketing campaign that prioritises mental health over the toxic environment. So, lifestyle trends are about doing skincare, working out, and taking a break from demanding work.

5. Growing Concern About Environmental Problems

The young generation shows more concern towards the environment. The green movement is gaining more attention, like the zero-waste lifestyle and veganism. So, when making your social media content, ensure you show concern towards the environment for better reception.

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